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Milestones: The Gridiron Grind

Welcome to the New Year and all the many options you will be enjoying through the coming months.

For the moment, we are distracted with the dialect of our Washington demagogues, posturing, pontificating, preaching, pacifying and pushing their interpretations of the truth.

And you thought Santa Clara was unique.


Fortunately, residents have the positive passion of watching the 49ers pass the pigskin, pouncing on opponents as they play with powerful potency.

Once again Levi’s Stadium will be the magnet for 40 million eyeballs focused on Saturday’s fight to the finish of sudden death, do or drop out, football.

Of course, the critics have clamored, claiming it can’t be done. Aren’t the critics with us always?

It is great to witness Levi’s solidly sold out with tickets on the secondary market priced at a premium…plus. This promises to produce a powerful promotion to even make the Mayor pleased. Well…maybe not.

The NFL games this weekend will see a thinning of the tribes as we wind-down (or up) and closer to the grand finale in February. It has been a serious drought since the 49ers have been treated to the terrific taste of titleholders. The first rung as Division Champions has a nice ring.

Tasting the tantalizing thrill of victory sparks the appetite for more, and this team still appears hungry. It is payoff time in the playoffs. All the clichés coaches catapult on the players may be clever, catchy and calculated. Even so, there is truth in those timeless tales. “When the going gets tough, the tough get going” and a hundred or so other well weathered words of wisdom.

It will come down to execution. Whichever team controls themselves, keeps the ball, completes the plays and protects their ground will come out as victor.

It is fun to be a sideline observer anywhere in the Bay Area as the momentum of the moment it being experienced by millions of supportive fans. Watching the world of fair-weather fans go through their conversion to hard-core believers is a kick.

And now, the rutty road of reality is upon us. There are no second chances after any game from now till Super Bowl. One loss and it is pack up your suitcase time. It is no surprise every player is totally aware of the reward of winning and the vacuum of defeat.

Once again, the 49ers performance has brought Santa Clara a cast of competitors creating comradery, combining captivating competition with caring for our community.

Now, if only our City Council could get on the same gridiron and smooth out their differences.

Enjoy the kickoff and the game(s)!


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