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Milestones – Cleaning House – Opinion

House cleaning usually conjures up visions of a vacuum cleaner, broom, mop and dust rags. Sometimes, this also refers to politics, which is the case we are discussing this week.

You are responsible for the city council members you have working for you today. Their responsibility should be to make decisions which are in the best interest of residents and the promotion of the city.

It was only a few years ago when Mayor Lisa Gillmor had a majority of council followers with blind allegiance to her agenda, not residents’.


Remember City Attorney Brian Doyle? This was the retired civil servant attorney who was really hired to enforce Mayor Gillmor’s wish list.

It was also the time when Deanna Santana was hired as City Manager at a mind-blowing pay package of almost $800,000 a year. She joined Doyle and the Mayor in an attempt to bury the Santa Clara Weekly.

It is with some degree of pleasure that I can report The Weekly is still here and continues to be printed after 50 years. It is with even more pleasure that I can report that both Doyle and Santana are gone thanks to the council that residents elected in 2018, 2020 and 2022.

Along the way, The Weekly created an online news publication, Silicon Valley Voice, which publishes daily with news of community activities and events.

However, without the vote of residents who recognized the direction the city was heading under Gillmor and her majority … things could be different.

It is obvious to anyone who attends or watches a city council meeting there is still division, however, there is no longer the great divide between the people’s interest and the council’s action.

The current council made great decisions following their elections. It only took a few months to terminate City Attorney Doyle and, weeks later, City Manager Santana.

It was this council that returned sanity to the City and hired Jovan Grogan as Santa Clara’s City Manager and Glen Googins as City Attorney.

The Weekly and Silicon Valley Voice say thank you to Raj Chahal, Suds Jain, Karen Hardy, Kevin Park and Anthony Becker. This is the council that cleaned house and returned common sense to the city government.


  1. Kirk Vartan 1 week ago

    Oh my, you are not well. You are seriously thanking Becker, the guys that about to finally go to trial for providing confidential information to your paper. Well, I guess it makes sence to support him since he is going to jail because of action he did with Carolyn Schuk. Your rag is so pathetic these days. It is really sad to see you droll on like this, day after day, week after week. You never actual do reporting….it’s always these little opinion pieces that read like a 49er Five cheerleader. Why don’t you ask your “reporters” to actually do some investigative stuff? Rather than trash the Santa Clara Grand Jury report, why not see what is true and report on that. Oh, let me guess. None of it is true. They are all Gillmor plants. It is all political. Thsrs what your buddies on council are saying. So I guess that is your line too.
    So sad. Santa Clara’s “paper” is no more. It is basically a campaign rag for the 49ers anfmd their band of five. You should look deep at what you say Miles. Get off the Gillmor bashing train. Stop being a journalist bully. Report facts. Give examples that are not laughable.
    I know…I just dreaming you might do the right thing. I know you won’t. I have given you a standing offer to debate me on any issue you want about these guys and the reporting I have critized.,I offered to host you or Angie on Public Trust Review. What do I get from you: crickets.
    Thanks about right. Anyway, the offer stands.

    • Buchser 3 1 week ago

      Nice article, Miles. I suggest you just simply ignore all the vicious attacks and criticisms from Lady Gillmor’s water-boy alias “Kirk the Dirt”.

      • Jim 1 week ago

        Well said!

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