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Milestones: Go Niners

So, this is my last column…for the old year (the Mayor is probably thrilled). It also ushers in the New Year, and a year for dualistic optimism.

It is an election year and a year an impeached President has about a 90% chance of being reelected.

Then there is Sacramento, which has been busy and gone all out attempting an end run around voters, including lying. This involves the famous voter revolt Prop 13, which protects homeowners and businesses from runaway property taxes.


The tax planners in our State Capital have been gathering signatures to dump Prop 13. They have been using a phony title being passed around in front of grocery stores and public locations.

They have been touting signs which state: “Fix Prop 13.” Their fix if passed would double property taxes on businesses. If they succeed, stage two would be proposed later to affect residential.

Well, that would solve any budget shortfall in Sacramento, which is already flush with cash.

If you signed one of these petitions by mistake, you can request to have your name removed.

There is even a lawsuit filed by the Howard Jarvis Taxpayer Association against the misleading wording of this legislation on the State ballot.

Making 2020 a good year in looking ahead, the San Francisco 49ers are in the NFL playoffs. This is a huge boost to Santa Clara, considering that millions will be watching the action at Levi’s Stadium. Since Santa Clara no longer has a Visitors and Convention Bureau, the great play of the 49ers has been significant in attracting visitors and guests to Santa Clara. In addition, their exposure on National networks has given the City a glimmer of hope in overcoming some of the impractical politics at City Hall.

And speaking of the 49ers, somehow the millions they have invested in Santa Clara schools has been overlooked by our polical leaders. It is evident they not only produce on the field they produce for their community.

Perhaps the New Year will bring a higher level of respect for the 49er’s presence and participation.

As you already know, there are significant differences with regards to vision when it comes to Santa Clara elected political leaders and the 49ers management.

These disparities have developed through devilish decisions destined to decimate the dynamic duo and deepen the divide.

When the City of Santa Clara and the 49ers were active partners, the 49ers kept their word and produced for their community, even during the down times.

The past two years of petty performance and picky policies by City Council has pulverized the partnership proving that posturing for power does not always prove positive.

When it comes to enthusiastic support and optimism, maybe few things unite Santa Clara more than: Go Niners!

To you, a very happy, healthy and rewarding New Year.


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