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Milestones: Holiday Joy? – Opinion

Publisher Miles Barber talks about the upcoming Christmas Holiday. He also talks about how restaurants are closed due to COVID.

Usually, this time of year we enjoy the spirit of the Holidays with families and friends. Added to our environment this year is the frightful fear of a bug that has changed our normal lifestyle to abnormal.

We will not be sharing Christmas dinner with so many families and friends. Thanks to our politicians, we will not even be able to dine inside or out at a restaurant of our choice.

Yes, it is a different time and yes, we are living in an environment of inconvenience.


It is one thing to practice careful hygiene through keeping our distance, wearing a mask, washing our hands, sterilizing everything we touch, and yet…we were not meant to live in a cocoon.

Life has always had risks. There are about 100 things that can kill you and COVID is just another one. Being alive has its risks and living without risk is not living. We were never made to take the Howard Hughes approach to avoid germs and holing up till we die of old age.

Life is to be lived with risk and while it is prudent to always take precautions, lockdown is not the answer. Arbitrarily closing select businesses is unreal!

You can go to Costco, but you can’t eat outside at Joe’s dinner? Please. This is hypocrisy at its worst.

These decisions are political rather than practical. These are decisions made from fear that are not founded in fact.

You remember the story of the Grinch that stole Christmas. This is what we are being told is the way we must live, no joy, no happiness, no pleasure and for sure, no fun.

This year, Christmas will be a bit different. Hopefully, we will support our local restaurants (the ones that are left) by ordering takeout from one of our local eateries.

One of the best Christmas presents you can give you and yours would be a meal prepared by a local restaurant. They need a touch of sanity and love, in spite of the forced fear as politicians fumble their way down the path to economic chaos.

From all of us at The Weekly, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and enjoyable Holidays. We thank you for your support and thank you to our many subscribers who are willing to spend $5 a month to receive The Weekly at their door.

Your subscription is your gift to us. Our staff has worked diligently over the year to bring you local news, information and stories not covered anywhere else.

It is with appreciation we have this opportunity to serve you and our community. Be safe, be sane and here is to a rapid return to reality.


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