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Milestones: Double Cross – Opinion

Do what I say and not what I do seems to be infectious with politicians.

When government leaders exercise their power during COVID to pronounce mandates which affect business and customers, it is a delicate and often a tragic issue.

Closing down businesses is within the power of our elected leaders. It is unfortunate these decisions are not founded in fact.


While there is no medical evidence that outside dining spreads COVID to consumers, politicians have enacted this onerous requirement of shuttering indoor and outdoor dining all restaurants.

Face it. Politicians are filled with fear and have made these decisions in a feeble attempt at doing something that has the appearance of safety and security.

This action follows the expense of millions spent by restaurant owners to provide outdoor dining and certainly create as much safety as your local Costco.

Frankly, the futile fabrications of these feeble-minded politicians do little to stem the pandemic. It does, however, guarantee the bankruptcy of so many beloved locations that have provided solace to so many who have been in lockdown for months.

Restaurants have provided one of the very few opportunities for families to seek something of a normal and valuable experience during these trying times. With all the safeguards we now accept as “normal,” closing these facilities is a futile fabrication forcing millions out of work. Tens of thousands of restaurant owners, hanging on by their fingernails, find no future in this oppressive action-driven not by fact, but politics.

The political hypocrisy of our leaders is pathetic. Governor Newson decrees the need to shutter facilities yet, in November he dined at the French Laundry defying his own edict.

How can we expect folks to have hope and optimism in our political leaders when they actually do what they tell you that you cannot do?

This shoot from the hip hypocrisy of closing restaurants singles out a major industry while keeping the doors of comparable businesses open.

This is politics at its worst. Somehow, are you not supposed to recognize the duplicity in this behavior?  Are you expected to nod your head, turn the other way, and allow politicians to make pronouncements that literally deliver the economic death blow to thousands?

Somehow, we have allowed COVID to allow politicians to turn our world not just upside down but inside out.

May God deliver us from this pandemic of stupidity and duplicity.


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  1. Tom E. 3 years ago

    Thank you, this is Miles at his best.

    We can’t make decisions in society based on a single variable. Thank you for speaking up for people that otherwise have no voice.

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