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Milestones: The War Isn’t Over! – Opinion

Publisher Miles Barber says the war is not over yet. He compares the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic with the WWII. He talks about looking forward to 2021.

The clock has ticked down to end the most challenging year since WWII.

Farewell 2020, we will remember you and the changes you have made with the delivery of COVID-19 to our country and communities.

This unseen bacterium remains a deadly adversary, changing our lifestyle, mobility, and behavior for nearly every resident.


Through the most dramatic research in modern history, medical science has brought us a vaccine to stem the onslaught of this sneaky and devastating enemy.

What has historically has been years to create vaccines available publicly, our drug companies did the job in less than a year. In its own way, the creation of a vaccine is the atom bomb of modern medicine.

Whether we see the onslaught of COVID as war or not, in a way it has become WWIII.

While WWII caused the death of more than 70 million people and lasted six years. COVID has taken the lives of nearly 2 million lives in its first year targeting most seriously the elderly. Without the vaccine, this number could have escalated exponentially.

Even with the vaccine, it will be many months before the impact on the COVID-19 pandemic begins to stem its spread.

Keeping this in mind, caution continues to be the cry until the cure curtails the contagious cause of this consternation.

For the foreseeable future, COVID, like mosquitos, will always be with us. It may be possible to control them, however, they hang around and continue to be a nuisance.

So, as you enter the New Year, embrace it with thanksgiving that you are still here. Our culture and environment may have changed, and it is not the end, and it will not be this way forever. We will continue to find ways to progress, live, survive, and thrive again.

Congratulations for making it through 2020 and wishing you a much better New Year as we tackle the challenges and new opportunities as we welcome in 2021.

Happy New Year to you and to your family from all of us at The Weekly!


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