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Milestones: Equal Treatment!

Equality is a right. Protest against prejudice, injustice and bigotry is a right.

Respect for every individual, regardless of color, creed or belief is the foundation from which comes the intent and opportunity to provide justice for all.

Even through recent decades of education, stricter laws, workplace training…prejudice remains prevalent.


The current turmoil of protest is an outcry of frustration. Much of this comes from different treatment of minorities than those who are Anglo.

It is horrific to watch the 8-minute video of a white police officer suffocating Black resident George Floyd in Minneapolis. Even if this were an unbelievable exception, it’s too much. But, it’s not an exception. Facts gathered from around the country give us a dismal report card. The Black community is stopped by the police seven to eight times more often than the White community.

Nearly every Black actor in Hollywood along with Black athletes across the country have been stopped and questioned by police, many on multiple occasions.

The incident with George Floyd was the tip of the iceberg and the tipping point of tempers. Enough is enough.

The nationwide protests and demonstrations are not going away quietly as many politicians hope.

Equal justice under the law also includes equal treatment.

What we have quietly hoped for is that minorities to be good boys and girls and remain in their “place,” being docile, submissive and quiet.

This farce and façade cannot continue and must stop!

Listen to the crowds. Not the looters and the shooters but the mainstream message. What the tens of thousands are saying in the many marches made up of all races.

Black lives do matter. As much as every life, not more, and most certainly, not less.

The unequal treatment of minorities is a known and unnecessary fact. It has become an explosive volcano creating eruption to our biased thinking.

Pay attention. We absolutely can choose to live together, educate together, worship, work, play, shop, eat and share together equally and as equals.

Because…we are.


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