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Milestones: Enforced Law Works!

Publisher Miles Barber talks about law. Some laws are very old, like the Ten Commandments, and make sense. They should be enforced.

The laws of the Universe are quite dependable.

We have learned many of these laws by observation and in the process have learned there is little deviation.

I guess you could call leap year one of those deviations, so every four years we throw in an extra day to get us back on schedule.


However, the major observations of 24 hours in a day, 60 minutes in an hour and 60 seconds in a minute are constants.

Our planet travels through space, making a trip around the sun in the 365 days and a few hours we call a year.

While it may not be perfect in our finite ability to yet understand, we have come to rely on the sun coming up and going down at a predictable time every day.

Then there is that magical ingredient called gravity, which is the “glue” holding us earthbound as our planet spins at a thousand miles an hour making its way through space.

Space is important. It allows our planet to rocket uninhibited in its ongoing journey.

Early on in our history, man began to record history on papyrus and parchment in such documents as the Talmud and the Old Testament.

Whether you are a believer or not, the early story of our recorded history relates an encounter between Moses and God on Mt. Sanai. It was there that Moses received the Ten Commandments.

So, even before humans had figured out the laws of the Universe, leaders realized the need for human laws and enforcement to govern themselves.

These laws were critical requirements that established order among man on the planet.

You might think this is just a “story” or perhaps a fable created by a delusional leader lost in the desert.

Regardless of your leanings on faith and belief, this code of ten laws provided to man is one of the first recorded code of law and order in history.

In Washington D.C., we have written many laws based on three of the original commandments. “Thou shall not murder, steal or lie.”

It is estimated that we now have close to a million laws in America enforcing these commandments.

The absence of law and enforcement creates an unruly society. Disrespect for law leads to anarchy. Misuse of law creates oppression.

The current events we are experiencing, which disrespect law and order, can only result in disorder.

Objection to and protest of oppression is a natural law leading to cure and correction. Anarchy and lawlessness reap disrespect for even good law, resulting in chaos.

We know the laws of the universe are not exact. Yet, because they are dependable, they work.


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