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Milestones: Law vs No Law

Over the past several months, you and I have watched the continued erosion and respect for law.

Respect has been replaced by arrogance, defiance and destruction that has been endorsed by our elected representatives.

This past week we had a couple of laptop computers stolen from our office complex. The good news is…we have the culprit on video.


The bad news is…so what?

We called the police, who came and were kind enough to take a report. I asked the police officer… “If you catch this person what happens then?”

He answered, “Well, since we have a ‘no bail law’ in effect he will probably be back on the street before I can finish my report.”

My question is this. “Who is responsible for introducing the ‘no enforcement of law?’”

The answer: Our legislators and elected leaders. We need to vote them out in November.

Republican, Democrat or Independent, if you will not enforce the law, we the people, will vote you out.

If we have no reason for law, and no enforcement of law, then we have no reason to keep these elected officials.

Without the enforcement of law of course we can defund the police because they can’t do the job for which they were hired to do.

Now anyone can tear down statues, set fires, loot stores, steal computers, and thumb their nose at the law (because there is no enforcement of law).

Friends, this is a crazy idea!

We should defund our legislators and elected leaders! They are the ones that have created this atmosphere of permissiveness and lawlessness!!!

Folks, we are entering the era of stupid!

Our world is turning upside down and we are told we are just looking at the world from a new dimension.

When wrong is made right, law benefits the lawless.

This is not the time to question our own sanity.

When the inmates start running the asylum its time to right the boat.


  1. Ss 4 years ago

    Thank god! Someone has the courage to say that this is wrong!

  2. DL 4 years ago

    I agree this has to stop. According to the law the governor nor the public health organization has the right to shut us down or wear face masks. We are just sheeple and Bill Gates and Anthony Faucci has a much more cynical plan for us. They are hurting us and not helping us, they are making us sick and that’s the plan and the more we comply the more we are their pawns. Time to take our freedom back and live in a place where we are safe and if that means taking this into our own hands, let’s do it. I’m just not sure where to start. WWG1WGA

    • D. White 4 years ago

      QAnon moron. Talk about blindly following…

      • Debbe Laszlo 4 years ago

        This is a safe space to speak freely and no one is here to judge, so don’t judge what you don’t know or who you don’t know!

  3. sane person 4 years ago

    more laws. more money to law enforcement is not the answer or things would already better.
    A basic livable income and homes would eliminate more crime than any enforcement efforts or prisons.
    But because 2 laptops are missing someone should sit in a crowded jail and possibly catch the virus?
    Don’t twist current concessions to further your arguments for a police state.

  4. AL 4 years ago

    Laptops were stolen, not “missing” – huge difference. And yes, the person who stole them should be hold accountable.

  5. Not a Gnat 4 years ago

    Oh yes because we’ve NEVER had crime or lack of respect for the law. These are COMPLETELY new concepts that are just now making themselves known…Let’s just completely ignore why people might commit crimes or not respect the law. Because ignoring the problem will solve it. After all, if people you don’t like go away (i.e. locked up in prison), well then everything is better… I hope the scathing sarcasm has come across because you have the critical thinking capabilities of a gnat.

    • Not a Gnat 4 years ago

      I forgot to mention that the police are fully funded right now, and you were still unable to get the results you wanted. So, currently, the system isn’t working for you either. Basically, your argument is completely incoherent.

  6. Laura 4 years ago

    Our jails and prisons are over crowded. Locking people up for non violent offenses only helps the corporations that run the private prisons and profit off of our tax dollars. We need to address the reasons people steal. One main reason is these types of theft are a crime of opportunity. So many people leave their laptop or purse on the front passenger seat of their car then scream for the police to do more when their car is broken into and the item is stolen. Stop leaving valuables in your car, it’s not a safe and remember, office parks are not bubbles of security.

  7. Lisa 4 years ago

    How did you fabricate ‘no enforcement of law?’ ? Enforcing the law means arrest and trial and sentencing. During pre-COVID-19 somebody gets arrested for a non-violent crime, the bail amount is set and paid and in a few days after being arrested the person is back out on the street anyway. A trial has to take place with or without Bail and the person has to be convicted before any sentencing happens. If the police arrest a suspect during COVID-19 that person still has to go to court regardless of whether they camp overnight in a jail cell before posting bail. Stealing laptops is not a crime punishable by death, but being held in a jail cell during a Pandemic has a meaningful risk of death. What’s more, being arrested isn’t the same as being guilty. The wrong people get arrested at times, that’s why a trial is held.

  8. John 4 years ago

    Hi Miles,

    I can definitely appreciate your frustration. I had some expensive equipment stolen some years back and the police couldn’t really do much about it. I dropped by the police station, had a report submitted and shared that with my insurance company. Even though I had a pretty good idea who may have stolen it, I didn’t have proof and I didn’t think it fair to make a fuss and demand their detectives spend hours tracking down a suspect for what is essentially a minor crime. They had a record of the theft and if this was part of a larger problem they could now use that to press charges in a larger case. Not a criticism of the police, it’s just that time and priorities mean they have to focus on crimes where health and safety are at risk. Even someone running a red light has far more critical consequences than a stolen air tool compressor. This is not a recent phenomenon, despite what we see lately on the news. We are not in a lawless society.

    The “no bail” may also have changed recently ( I as a tax payer I also have to consider the costs involved in the police following up on every property crime and the cost of housing for weeks or months for people who can’t afford bail. Plus, the current danger of putting people in jail who have Covid-19 and endangering other inmates, guards, police and other staff. Also, “No bail” also just means they don’t keep them in jail after the arrest. It doesn’t mean they go free with no consequences. If the person is arrested they are still booked for the crime and are required to appear in court. If they don’t show up there is an arrest warrant issued for them. If they are stopped at a later date they can then be arrested and bail is not an option. There is the enforcement of the law, it’s just that police officers and prosecutors have to use their best judgement.

  9. PAUL J STEFFAS 4 years ago

    This is typical of the woke.. not willing to take on civilized argument and debate. The tactic is to shut down your opponent with name calling and shaming. Hoping they will curl up in a corner and fear for their career.

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