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Milestones: Do Nothing or…?

“The only thing for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” is a timely observation made by Edmond Burke three hundred years ago.

Everywhere we look in the world, there exists a battle between good and evil.

We know from experience a war exist in our bodies as we fight off harmful invaders.


The absence of exercise facilitates and the aging process, weakens our ability to fight off dangerous bacteria.

Everywhere you look throughout the world, you witness the ongoing struggle of good versus evil and right challenging wrong. In every hamlet, village, city or municipality throughout the world, good continues to be at odds with evil.

What is amazing to watch is the lack of action by so many good men and women. Even though knowing what is right, the convenient action is…to take none.

Allowing evil to run rampant does not happen in a vacuum. The triumph of evil is caused more by good people’s non-actions than by perpetrators behavior.

This is particularly true in a democracy where all people of age have a say and may vote.

The theory of a democratic government suggests that if a leader is doing the wrong thing, they can be voted out.

It’s a good theory but in practice it does not always work.

When a leader goes astray, performs questionable actions and defies common decency they should be voted out. However, history has proven this concept is fallible.

Good people who vote mean well however, often take the path of least resistance.

If good people are opposed to the current leadership, that opposition may be acted out by not voting at all. As a result, the elected official is given a left-handed endorsement.

The election or re-election of a questionable leader gives that person a sense of entitlement. They are elected and feel “entitled” to proceed on fulfilling their own agenda.

When we allow the actions of an elected leader to affect our community and run rampant over other good people, we usually wait for someone or some event to cause change. This could be a ground swell of anti-candidate actions, impeachment or another election.

Good people in a democracy have been given amazing power. They have the precise power to perpetuate the practices of a good leader or throw the bum out. However, it is the years between voting where an immense amount of detrimental damage can scar the landscape for generations.

For this reason alone, it is critical that good people do something now. Voting takes time, thought, consideration and action.

Good people do not have the luxury of letting others do it. The “others” may or may not make the best decisions which can destroy the continuity of community.

Look at our City. Ask yourself if our City is being guarded and maintained in an inclusive, partnering, solvent and pragmatic problem-solving atmosphere.

Is our City running lean and mean or creating more problems than it is fixing?

The next two weeks are your opportunity to decide.

Cast your vote as if it were your decision to make…because it is. Your decision will govern the future of our community for the coming years.

Therefore, your thoughtful and acted upon vote is critical.

It is so much better than doing nothing.


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