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Milestones: The Last Play…

The San Francisco 49ers weren’t supposed to win. And…they didn’t.

Scoring the go ahead field goal with less than two minutes on the clock, it appeared the 49ers would defy the odds makers and pull it off.

Little did this young team know. One of America’s world class quarterbacks still moves the Green Bay Packers.


Thinking overtime, Aaron Rodgers just moved the ball down the field, wanting to be close enough for a field goal try to tie the game. Instead, with seconds left on the clock, he connected on a spectacular pass in the end zone for the winning score. A storybook ending for a great football legend.

Here in Santa Clara, the odds makers favor Lisa Gillmor winner for the Mayor’s race.

Bucking the odds is challenger and Planning Commissioner, Anthony Becker.

Becker is bright, young, energetic, enthusiastic and displeased with the way our City team is being directed.

The old saying that “you can’t fool all the people all the time” just might be working for Becker and against Gillmor.

Becker, while busy walking and talking to voters every day, is counting on Gillmor’s blunders to help him win the Mayor’s job.

Here are a few of the “off side” issues by the Mayor that are getting voter attention:

  1. The audit charade two years ago against the San Francisco 49ers turned out to be a bust and was a waste of money.
  2. The hiring of a highly controversial City Manager in Deanna Santana. She had been released by other jurisdictions and raised eyebrows when her hiring package cost Santa Clara residents nearly $700,000.
  3. Replacing our City Manager, City Attorney, City Finance Manager and losing our City Clerk.
  4. Performing an “audit” on the Chamber of Commerce and firing the employees of the Convention and Visitors Bureau even before the audit was completed.
  5. Firing the Chamber of Commerce as managers of the Convention Center after 35 years… claiming “self-dealing” and “possible” conflicts.
  6. Filing an appeal (at taxpayer expense) against the Superior Court judge’s CVRA decision.

There are many other issues in Becker’s arsenal which he might find useful as he works his way around the City.

Gillmor has corrected her math. When she announced the stadium rent reset, she proclaimed it as a $180 million win for the City. Turns out (as she now reports) it was $10 million, which doesn’t even come to the City, it goes to the Stadium Authority for debt reduction.

This election could hold surprises like the history of the 1948 Presidential race between Thomas E. Dewey vs. Harry S. Truman and…Monday nights 49ers game.

The last play could possibly determine the outcome.


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