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Milestones: A Case for Termination! – Opinion

Congratulations to the Santa Clara City Council Members who have taken the first major action to set the City right and restore sanity.

We no longer need to ask: Why is Brian Doyle still employed by Santa Clara? The Council realized it was not just his salary that was a drain. Doyle’s spurious legal advice, corrupt actions, deceitful behavior, and blatant dishonesty dishonored attorneys everywhere.

Even more costly than his excessive salary were the decisions he made, the ones he did not, and the ones he “forgot” to tell the Council about. Doyle was a disgrace to Santa Clara, a blight on Mayor Lisa Gillmor’s continued endorsement and out of touch with anything that fell into the category of integrity.


He leaves Santa Clara under more than a cloud. The City will be years recovering from the damage he caused, the money he cost and the decisions he endorsed.

Brian Doyle gave lots of advice, much of it wrong. Many of his decisions caused him later to misrepresent what he had done or said.

Gillmor was introduced to Doyle by former Council Member Teresa O’Neill. One of his qualifications was that O’Neill knew him from church. When he was introduced to Mayor Gillmor it was a match in the making.

The two of them could connive ways in which to make a pretzel out of decisions that should have been, could have been, forthright and straightforward.

Instead, even simple issues were twisted, ignored, reengineered, or outright changed to the answer Gillmor wanted.

While the new Council recognized Doyle’s actions as detrimental to Santa Clara, they did not expect him to continue his blatant deceptions, deceit, and dishonesty. But he did!

It was more than enough that he concealed an offer from the CVRA attorney that would have saved the City more than a million dollars.

The last straw was his proclamation that costs for outside attorneys hired to defend lawsuits of the City were not to be revealed publicly. He is the only attorney found anywhere that interpreted this action as being protected by attorney-client privilege.

Brilliant interpretation but dead wrong!

As important, why did he want these outside attorney costs hidden? One reason is, Mayor Gillmor in her exuberance to discredit the San Francisco 49ers, has intentionally refused to pay Santa Clara’s share of the Stadium partnership bills. The 49ers had to sue Santa Clara numerous times just to get the bills paid.

There are more hidden gems that will soon come to light as the new Council continues to uncover the calculated corruption and clandestine behavior of Mayor Gillmor and her minions.

Santa Clara is rewarded, and appreciative of our Council’s actions and that City Attorney Brian Doyle has finally been terminated.


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  1. 3 years ago

    Bravo fabulous five on the Coty Council in the firing of Brian Doyle the first of the corrupt appointees of the mayor.

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