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It is difficult to believe that there are residents in Santa Clara who have different and divided opinions on virtually everything and every issue.

It is for this reason primarily that Santa Clara has delegated decisions determining the City’s destiny to delegates known as City Council Members.

If you are not an enthusiastic supporter of an item, issue or personality who is elected or appointed in the City, you can quietly cast your vote or express your support or opposition at City Council meetings.


Within Santa Clara’s population there have been, and remain, unelected or unappointed powerhouse personalities. Individuals who are sometimes quiet, on occasion more boisterous, express themselves, often backing up their words with acts of boldness.

This past week, one of Santa Clara’s most amazing human beings ever to live, work give, share, and support Santa Clara, left us. Glorian Quigley was 97 years of age.

Glorian was still doing more at 80 than most people do at 40. Glorian was a stalwart for great causes and known by many for her years of service with and for The Heart of The Valley.

When times were tough, all I needed was a few minutes with Glorian and suddenly the sun came out, the world seemed brighter, and my appreciation for her jumped by more than a few notches. Glorian was encouragement in action, positive, enthusiastic, supportive, and a doer. Glorian was also blind.

A friend came by her home for many years to read to her The Santa Clara Weekly from cover to cover.

It was Glorian who gave me encouragement to write the truth about Santa Clara politics, suggesting, “Even if people don’t believe you now, they will!” The clandestine activities of then elected Mayor Lisa Gillmor and her Council cronies had turned Santa Clara sideways. They seemed to be unstoppable. But Glorian was optimistic and could “see” the future.

As time wounds all heels, so it is with politics in Santa Clara. Glorian was right. Residents realized they were being snookered. Their awareness resulted in electing a more balanced council last November.

Santa Clara is a better city for having the presence of Glorian Quigley, community counselor, leader, and friend to so many. Thank you, Glorian for your grace, your tenacity, your time, and contributions to those of us who knew you, and those who benefitted from your selfless counsel, leadership, and endless encouragement.


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  1. Mike Sellers 3 years ago

    Glorian was a wonderful person and a true friend. She loved Santa Clara as much as she loved roses. I will miss her cookies that she baked for me and our special conversations. She was one of a kind and a true Santa Claran. I will miss her.

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