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Milestones – Mayor’s Mouthpieces Get It Wrong! – Opinion

As you may have noticed during the past few years, Santa Clara Mayor Lisa Gillmor has recruited a cluster of followers who speak her mind as if it were their own. These poor souls have drunk from the Gillmor Kool-Aid cup, writing letters to City Hall and speaking out at public meetings, especially City Council meetings.

For the most part these are not bad folks, they simply want attention. Gillmor gives them what they want and in return, they carry her message.

They were there last week during the public input session of the Council’s closed session review of City Attorney Brian Doyle. Council Members patiently listened, waited and retired to discuss their own positions in private.


City Attorney Brian Doyle was terminated “without cause” by a vote of 5 to 2.

“Without Cause” does not mean “without reason.”

Terminating an employee is not always easy but sometimes is a must.

Following his termination by The Santa Clara Weekly, Robert Haugh struggled to find a home for his poison pen.

What better fit than to be recruited by Santa Clara Mayor Lisa Gillmor who needed a twisted spokesman who could discredit sanity and promote innuendos of fabricated fantasy. Most of all…make the 49ers look like the village villains and characterize any Council Member who is willing to work with them as being owned by the 49ers.

As Mayor Gillmor’s “unofficial” pen and ink spokesman, Haugh’s job has been to discredit anyone with a brain. Any organization or person that Gillmor sees as threatening to overshadow her persona or agenda, becomes a target for Haugh’s sneering descriptions. These “targets” are made to appear to be in the pocket of Jed York and the 49ers.

Haugh’s writing makes Saint Teresa look like a horse thief and every Council representative who is not a Gillmor disciple, a 49ers groupie. Haugh usually gets it intentionally wrong even with what seems to be paid help from his  City Hall “sources.”  Based on experience, expense and costs, it should be the other way around.

Whenever it is Mayor Gillmor’s idea…Council Members should run for the hills. The current $30 million deficit didn’t happen to Santa Clara because of the 49ers.

You really think the roughly $800,000 package being paid to City Manager Deanna Santana was the 49ers’ idea? Or her three assistants each being paid $325,000 a year?  How about the $400,000 annual package to former City Attorney Doyle, who cost Santa Clara millions? Please folks, let’s be real. They were all bought by Mayor Gillmor, paid for with residents’ tax money and enthusiastically endorsed by her biased blogger Robert Haugh.

God help any Council Member that talks with anyone from the 49ers. In Gillmor’s mind it is an obvious plot to discredit her.

Too late Madam Mayor, you have shown your hand and you are getting short on aces, credible mouthpieces and supporters.


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  1. Backlash 3 years ago

    Brian injected himself into every major issue he had before him, especially 49er issues and the VRA lawsuit. He forgot he had a client to represent as the chief legal officer of the city, not an angry resident.

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