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Looking Back: Santa Clara Headlines From August 7

100 Years Ago: Santa Clara News (August 8, 1919)

  • How Medals Will be Awarded to Heroes of War: War Service Medal Will be Known as Victory Medal
  • Boys of the Army and Navy to be Santa Clara’s Guests of Honor Tomorrow Night: Santa Clara to Provide Royal Welcome to Its Soldiers and Sailors
  • A Thousand for Just One Word:  World Trade Club of San Francisco Offering $1000 for Person Who Suggests Best Word to Denote all English-Speaking Peoples
  • Time for Farmer to Think Real Hard:  Does Average Farmer Really Want Government Operation of Packing Houses, Stock Yards, Refrigerated Cars and Marketing of His Farm Products as Proposed by the Federal Trade Commission and Legislation Now Before Congress?
  • League of Nations Meeting Great Success:  Large Crowds Attend Meeting in Town Plaza to Hear Details of ‘League of Nations’ Proposal
  • Soldiers Show Efficiency in New Efforts: Returned Soldiers Proving More Productive at Their Jobs Than Before the War
  • Gasoline Tests: Only Boiling Point Test Can Tell True Value of Gasoline
  • Rosenberg Bros. Will Erect $30,000 Building in Santa Clara

50 Years Ago: Santa Clara Journal & News (August 6, 1969)

  • SCUSD Board Members Debate School District ‘Welfare’ Programs: When Does the Educational Program End and Welfare Assistance Begin?: District’s Child Care Program at Brown School and Needy Lunch Program at George Mayne School Facing Funding Deficits
  • Citizens Advisory Committee Asks for Strong ‘Save-the-Bay’ Legislation
  • Box of Active Kittens Causes One-Car Accident:  Distracted by Kittens Escaping Back Seat Container Larry Alden Brown Runs Car into Sign on Lafayette at Clyde Ave.
  • Santa Clara Honors Edgar Schott: Longtime City Employee in Public Works Department Retires
  • Santa Clara Junior Theatre to Perform ‘Hansel and Gretel’
  • State of California Department of Aging Gives City’s Parks and Recreation Department a $7500 Grant for Expanded Senior Services

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