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Week of December 20th Headlines


100 Years Ago: Santa Clara News (December 21, 1917)

*Give to the Red Cross Instead of Buying Christmas Presents


*Chamber of Commerce Committee and Santa Clara Woman’s Club Busy Distributing Candies and Xmas Gifts to the Poor Children of Santa Clara

*House of Congress Adopts Dry Amendment by 282 to 128: Change in Senate Draft Will Require Upper House Vote on Motion to Concur: Seven Years Fixed as Time Limit for States to Ratify Prohibition Amendment

*Letters to Editor of Santa Clara News on Wet and Dry Question

*Merry Christmas Wishes to Community from Santa Clara News


50 Years Ago: Santa Clara Journal & News (December 20, 1967)

*Lytton Savings & Loan Company May Sue City over a Variance for Property at NW Corner of Santa Clara and Lincoln Streets

*50-foot Sign Denied: Variance Proposed by Grant Store for Placing Huge Sign in Civic Center Shopping Center at El Camino & Scott Blvd. Rejected by City Council

*Anti-Vandal Reward Proposed for Information Leading to Arrest of Hooligans Vandalizing City Parks

*El Camino Assessments Given a Beating: Heated Discussion over Saving Money on El Camino Widening-Improvement Project by Eliminating Sidewalks

*Flower Power Fails to Prevail: City Council Says ‘No’ to Metal Flower Stands in Middle of Shopping Center Parking Lots

*Theft for Needy Harem?: $200 Worth of Bras Stolen from Bargain Fair Store at 2125 El Camino Real

*Police Chief Frank Sapena Launches Public Relations Program to Improve Rapport Between Police and Community

*Santa Clara Planning Commission Says No to a Proposal for a Deluxe Mobile Home Park and Industrial Development on Coffin Road in Vicinity of Hetch-Hetchy Right-of-Way


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