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Week of March 6

100 Years Ago: Santa Clara News (Mar. 4, 1913)
* Trustees Issue Election Call: Volunteer Firemen Ask to Have Choice of Chief: Town Board will Consider their Petition
*Boosters Preparing Plans for Gigantic Development Work: 25 Prominent Santa Clara Men Elected Directors of the Santa Clara Commercial League to Push for City Progress (Pictured are Robert B. Roll, A.T. Helm, Henry Menzel, Chas. A. Thompson, C.F. Emig and Henry R. Roth)

50 Years Ago: Santa Clara Journal (Mar. 6, 1963)
*Cupertino Promises Westwood Oaks to Be Protected: Santa Clara Stranglehold Freed on Cupertino’s Industrial Annex Project
* Free Concert in Buchser High Auditorium: The Santa Clara Philharmonic will Play with Jazz Group


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