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Milestones: The Time Has Come! – Opinion

Okay folks, now that the curtain has been pulled back and our residents can see the stage, they know for certain they have been the audience to an awfully bad play.

Enough of the mishmash of miserable makings at City Hall. Why is the City Attorney still employed? He has not only violated the basic rule of common sense, but City Attorney Brian Doyle has also broken any trust that may have ever existed between himself and this Council. His work cannot be trusted, which is a deplorable comment to make about your City’s legal counsel.

If the Mayor will not call a closed session to discuss this matter, force a vote from the Council floor. Allowing Mayor Gillmor to pull the strings with only one supporter is not fulfilling the will of the voters. Council, you were elected to clean up the Mayor’s mess, and yes, it is not all lollipops and roses.


Doyle’s shoot-from-the-hip legal challenges and defenses are enough to end his tenure with Santa Clara. The millions unnecessarily spent by Doyle could be used in a dozen ways to serve the Santa Clara community, let alone reduce the City’s deficit.

Then, to think that he arbitrarily decided to withhold a settlement letter from the CVRA attorney from the Council. Accepting that settlement offer would have saved Santa Clara over a million dollars. And he is still here?

To add injury to this insult, he personally chose to ignore the settlement letter and go for the appeal hearing. Cost of this loss? The hundreds of thousands paid to the attorneys to bring this appeal, plus the cost for the attorneys who won — added to the million or more Santa Clara would have saved by accepting the settlement.

But this Council was never informed of the settlement or given a chance to decide, because of Doyle’s arbitrary, self-centered, and dumb decision to withhold.

There are only three actions to be taken by this Council. Out, out and out!

Doyle has been protected by the Mayor, which tells you enough of the story right there. She needs a non-credible attorney like Doyle to be her Pinocchio. The Council needs an attorney like Doyle like they need a case of COVID.

Residents voted for change on the Council. They got to change and for there to be change, this Council must make a change.

Anything less prolongs the obvious, encourages the offender and embezzles from the voters.

The time has come.


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  1. Winnie Sloan 3 years ago

    I am surprised that both Mayor Gillmor and Attorney Doyle have the audacity to walk into City Hall and into Council Meetings as though nothing wrong has occurred. For Attorney Doyle to have withheld critical information from the Council which then further added to the expenses for the CVRA lawsuit is inexcusable! He is playing with City money not imitation Monopoly money.
    Mayor Gillmor needs to act like a Mayor and not a BFF. As Mayor, she is responsible for representing the citizens of this city. When a City employee causes harm to the city, she is responsible to removing that employee from their position. I am quite sure that if an employee in any Department was found to have destroyed City property, she would expect that person to be terminated. Well, Brian Doyle has cost the City millions of dollars and she is not taking any action! Stand up to your responsibilities Mayor Gillmor! Act like a Mayor.

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