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Milestones: Hot Air Doesn’t Pay the Bills! – Opinion

It is apparent in Santa Clara there is no absence of hot air.

The wayward wind created by Mayor Gillmor and City Attorney Brain Doyle is a hot air endurance contest. The two of them publicly preach transparency, which is a joke. Consider their conduct of intentionally redirecting the focus and the facts.

Readers and residents need to know the truth.


Madam Mayor repeatedly said Tuesday night, (about seven times), “The 49ers have sued the City seven times!”

Yes, they have, and the reasons are amazingly simple. Santa Clara has not paid their half of the Stadium partnership bills for years. Therefore, Santa Clara is delinquent and in Breach of Contract. That’s it.

All the BS that has been shoveled to the public about the dirty, devious, devilish doings of the 49ers has been a smokescreen of fantasies from the Mayor and General Counsel. A smokescreen designed to deflect the facts and infuriate fans and foes alike.

Therefore, the 49ers have sued the City multiple times for multiple breaches. The City has (1) refused to pay their legal obligations as a Stadium partner and (2) honor the Stadium contract.

When Mayor Gillmor and her Council cronies decided to rigidly enforce the 10 p.m. curfew a few years ago, they shot the City, voters, and residents of Santa Clara in the wallet.

For years, everything was going great. The Stadium was making money, the City was making money and then came the curfew enforcement. This was not a demand from residents but an act of retaliation by the Mayor to show the 49ers who was “boss” of the City.

Even though the curfew only affected a few nights a year, the events were huge and made millions. The result of the arbitrary curfew enforcement has been a significant reduction in Stadium revenue with serious losses. The 49ers have paid their share of these losses AND also paid (as an advance) the City’s share.

Contractually, the 49ers can do this and charge interest to the City until the City pays their bills. After waiting for the City to pony up, it was apparent the Mayor and the previous Council were not going to pay. The 49ers’ only recourse was to take the City to court to protect their investment.

Notice Mayor Gillmor’s lack of details when she spits out during the last Council meeting, “The 49ers have sued us seven times! Seven times!”

Yes, Madam Mayor, that is what happens when you don’t pay your bills and fail to keep your contractual agreements. Were you expecting a bouquet?

In addition, City Attorney Brian Doyle has racked up massive legal costs, in an attempt, to dodge payment. This adds thousands to the overdue bills that Santa Clara (residents) must pay.

Council Members take note.

Santa Clara has had enough of the Mayor and the City Attorney’s hot air games.

Pay your bills, keep your agreements, and end the lawsuits.

Hot air filled with spurious accusations does not replace a check.


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