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Milestones: The absence of sense! – Opinion

Remember when wrong used to be wrong? It really was not that long ago. We have laws that have now been renamed to a more convenient terminology that seems to be all-forgiving.

This magic word is called “politics.” Now if you break the law, do some dastardly deed, the violators shrug it off simply by saying “oh, it’s just politics” which appears to hold the key as a permanent “get out of jail free” card.

Yes, it is true that politics have been with us always. Wars have been waged over political differences. It did not always mean that those who were politically correct won the war, just the side that could muscle up the most forces were the victors.


Interesting that now, politics has been clothed in a newer costume. It has become the escape hatch for dreadful behavior, outrageous ideas with policies so insane, it gives cause to question your own sanity.

A simple illustration is the current wave of “catch and release.” Police do their job of apprehending the bad guys, and immediately following their booking they are put back on the street. Now if you are agreeable to this policy, stop reading. It will not make any difference in your thinking. That is until you come out some morning and find your car stripped or missing at which time you may want some help from the men in blue.

There is a question that comes out of this current climate. If we have laws that are broken and there is punishment associated with those laws, but politics has eliminated the enforcement of those laws, we are being snookered. Why should we continue to pay outrageous salaries to district attorneys, judges, court staff, jailers, and a host of related staff?

If they choose not to enforce the law, then why are they needed? Stop paying them!

Oh, that’s right, it’s politics.

This Dr. Spock-like mentality is having an enormous effect on public behavior. Why should we as taxpayers pay for the loss of our property, pay the police for apprehension, pay the courts to process the criminals, only to have them immediately released to the streets to duplicate their crime?

If you pass it off as politics, it is not. It is off the sanity charts of objective thinking. “Spare the rod and spoil the child” has now been replaced with the politics of a warning ticket.

It’s not the politics of “How did we get here?” but more of, “How do we recapture that God-given gift called Common Sense?”

And speaking of common sense, why is that violator of the public trust Attorney Brian Doyle still employed by Santa Clara?


  1. Joe 3 years ago

    It seems common sense is not so common. The people have to start standing up. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

  2. GoodShipLollypop 3 years ago

    Last I heard, “catch and release” was for public health reasons. Rant should have addressed rather than create a straw man. Might better have reflected on the anniversary of the MS-13 member being released from San Jose jail for public health reasons. He was held for murder. He promptly went out, allegedly killed the witness, and fled the country. Now that’s something to rant about.

  3. CSC 3 years ago

    “Why should we continue to pay outrageous salaries to district attorneys, judges, court staff, jailers, and a host of related staff? If they choose not to enforce the law, then why are they needed? Stop paying them!”

    The law (PC 832.5[a][1]) states entities that employ peace officers establish a procedure to investigate complaints against peace officers. Currently, Sergeant Jacob Malae is suing the City of Santa Clara for, in part, not fully investigating complaints and systemic racism within the department. In 2013, the Santa Clara County Civil Grand Jury investigated complaint procedures of the 12 entities that employ peace officers in Santa Clara County finding the City of Santa Clara was one of the worst violators of the law.

    The City of Santa Clara has been picking and choosing which laws and policies to enforce based upon what benefits themselves, their salary, and their pensions – not what’s in the best interest of public trust. The corrupt culture in Santa Clara needs to be busted down starting with reigning in the outlandish salary and pensions continuing to opening transparency and accountability which was yet another finding against the city by the County’s Civil Grand Jury

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