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Milestones: Progress is a Grindstone! – Opinion

Victory has its rewards, but the payoff doesn’t usually come overnight.

This certainly is the reality with Santa Clara’s new Council as they have cautiously invaded the upside-down turmoil created by Mayor Lisa Gillmor and her former Council followers.

Gillmor proved herself to be a most devious and cunning politician when she lobbied for the Mayor’s job following the abrupt departure of Mayor Jamie Matthews. Upon selection by the Council, she went wild, taking her buzz saw approach to long-term employees. Gillmor and her “Yes, Madam Mayor” devotees sliced through city ranks with a vengeance.


This purge cost Santa Clara many valuable and talented long-term employees. The disappointment of losing a great deal of talent has been at a cost. However, key employee losses were not the only cost; there was, and is, more.

First was the loss of experience, knowledge, background, and time on the job. Second, were the actual dollars spent on recruitment and replacement, which has run into the millions. Third, is the budget-breaking salaries awarded to new hires. And fourth are the “decisions” made by Gillmor’s recruits, which have cost Santa Clara residents even more millions. The current projected deficit for this year is now $29 million.

Right up there topping the list of violators is Santa Clara’s legal counsel Brian Doyle. In the absence of common sense,  and with support and cooperation from Gillmor, he fought the court’s decision on the California Voting Rights Act. He and she lost. Cha Ching! (What’s a few million of its residents’ money?) But once was not enough. The two of them colluded again with the old Council’s support and APPEALED! They lost again! Cha Ching, Cha Ching!!

Santa Clara would have better odds at the dice tables in Vegas. At least you could have a few drinks.

Seriously, the grinding out of righting the ship is a tedious and demanding task. While it is up to voters to replace a Mayor, it is up to Council to deal with non-elected key employees they hire.

This Council has carefully observed the items and issues they can change. There is no question, changes will be implemented, and we will no longer need to ask: “Why is City Attorney Brian Doyle still employed in Santa Clara?”


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