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Milestones: An Anniversary to Forget – Opinion

Fifteen months ago, the hydrogen bomb of COVID-19 closed the doors of America and the world.

Not necessarily a date we wish to recall or celebrate, but one that affected, for the first time in decades, every country on the planet.

Right or wrong, the many layers of government dictated behavior from the necessary to the absurd.


Now, like soldiers crawling out of their foxholes after a bombing, friends and neighbors began to return from the shell shock of the pandemic and venture back onto the streets of our neighborhoods.

What have we learned from this traumatizing experience?

A few things come to mind, such as spending hours on Zoom to interact with cohorts. No question this tele-view technology will change the way we work and interact.

We also validated that government of and by the people is a rather loose cliché. So many restaurant and business owners, trying their best to stay alive, did not always follow the rules dreamed up by political powers.

Of course, they were fined, which is a ridiculous paradox. The penalty for serving bread and water to patrons not wearing a mask was more onerous than vandals who stole your car.

To this day there are thousands of business owners facing millions in fines for pandemic violations. The ironic reality of this issue is ignoring the real criminals and making patsies out of economic contributors. Giving a free pass to the criminal element, who violate the sanctity of our homes and businesses, is pathetic.

Why would we EVER vote for any politician who ignores the law of the people in addition to the law of common sense? This nose-thumbing attitude, which flouts the demand for decency, is a rejection of every respectable resident and business owner of our community.

Couple this with the over-zealous abuse of power by fining a crippled business just trying to stay alive, while endorsing the freeing of criminals to the streets…is insanity.

And, we have learned that if you don’t say something, stand up, speak out, take a stand for the truth, these idiots will continue the COVID mentality that “wrong is right.”


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