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Milestones – Santa Clara’s Major Partner! – Opinion

It has become totally tiresome, and frankly boring, to hear Santa Clara’s chronic critics complain continually about Santa Clara Council Members having meetings with Santa Clara’s stadium partner, the SF 49ers.

It is an absolute certainty Mayor Lisa Gillmor and Council Member Kathy Watanabe will not be meeting with any of the 49er staff. Video records clearly display the disgusting treatment these two along with City Manager Deanna Santana have afforded Santa Clara’s major partner. The three have been so offensive and rude it’s deplorable. Their verbal abuse and accusations have become an embarrassment to the entire community.

When it comes to opportunities for building productive goodwill with Santa Clara’s major partner, Gillmor, Santana and Watanabe have burned more bridges than you can count in Pittsburgh. They have brought upon themselves embarrassment, ridicule, loss of respect and voter revolt, as demonstrated last November.


Frankly, residents are tired of hearing about the big, bad, bully boys over at the stadium. It is obvious Gillmor and Santana cannot have an adult conversation with the 49ers. However, the new Council majority of Santa Clara can, and will. It’s about time the 49ers had Council Members they can meet with and have productive partnership dialogue.

Levi’s is Santa Clara’s stadium, and it is the 49ers’ stadium. It is a BILLION-dollar partnership! What started out as a great roman­ce and should still be, has been sabotaged by Gillmor, Santana and their prior Council cronies. With this black blot of acrimonious history on their resumes, their chances of having a working relationship with the 49ers are zip!

The three of them, and their minuscule-minded minions, make malicious mouthy remarks meaning to make mincemeat of the 49ers. Frankly, their finger-pointing pettiness at Santa Clara’s primary partner is pathetic.

So, which Council Members can meet with the 49ers to have productive discussion? Raj Chahal, Karen Hardy, Anthony Becker, Suds Jain, and Kevin Park.

And which Council Members sit out, point fingers and pout? Mayor Lisa Gillmor, Council Member Kathy Watanabe, and of all things, City Manager Deanna Santana.

Fortunately, the Santa Clara Council majority can have productive discussions with the 49ers and do it openly. They are receptive and have the integrity to meet and treat a partner like a partner, with that magic quality…respect.

Gillmor, Santana, and Watanabe have shown their shortsighted and selfish shortcomings by politicizing even basic communications with Santa Clara’s major partner.

There must be a hundred companies like AMD, Intel and Nvidia that reside in the city, thankful they are not “partners” with the City of Santa Clara.

Without malice, or 49er bias, you need to ask your City Council representative; “Why is City Manager Deanna Santana still employed by Santa Clara?”


  1. Jim 3 years ago

    Hatred is a driving force in some people. It consumes them to point that they are useless to society.

  2. Joe 3 years ago

    Some people have to have an enemy to focus on to take the focus off their own short coming and incompetence. This is not the first time the 3 stooges have acted this way. It is an ugly trend and does not represent Santa Clara.

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