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Milestones – The Hypocrisy of Free Theft! – Opinion

Publisher Miles Barber talks about Prop. 47, its impact on society and asks why lawmakers aren't doing more to bring order back to local neighborhoods.

Running rampant through the halls of justice is a disease more serious than COVID. This is the pandemic of lawlessness.

Basic to the fabulous fabric of freedom is law. Without law, there is no order, and without order, there is no retribution and without retribution the result is chaos.

When a society moves into the abyss of lawlessness, when there is no enforcement of law, what follows is the absence of order. Without law and/or respect for law, order is eradicated.


What was once known as the wild, wild West has now returned with an abandonment of law. Spreading faster than the pandemic, lawlessness has invaded America with a relentless vengeance.

In California, and other states generally, the passage of the Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act, opened jail doors for thousands of convicted criminals. Added to this, the pandemic of COVID increased the release rate of inmates.

This being the case, who are prison guards guarding? Why are they still being paid?

The jails have been emptied with rare exception.

This SNSC bill did worse than nothing for neighborhoods or schools. However, it did promote the pandemic of theft. Any crime with a price tag of less than $950 earns the perpetrator a “ticket” from the police if they even choose to pursue the villain.

Store shelves already strained of product due to the clogged shipping and supply issue, are being stripped by “shoppers” arriving with shopping bags and a calculator. These once paying customers add up items on their phone calculator and when approaching the $950 limit, walk out of the store with all their unpaid items.

This is now the epidemic that has been virtually ignored by lawmakers. Have you been witness to any state legislator who has proposed the return to law, order or common sense?

Is there any legislative bill anywhere being worked on or proposed to restore respect for property and law? Is there a proposed recall anywhere to repeal Proposition 47 that got us here?

Voters were duped in 2014 when they voted this bill into law. Admittedly, like so many California ballot propositions it was misleading and confused voters However, what legislators are working to give voters a chance to correct this painful and chaos-causing “law”?

America has been a magical and miracle country because our founders came from countries where laws favored the few. They were aware firsthand that to have a country that worked for everyone, there must be the establishment of fair law and justice, applied equally to all, not just violators that steal more than $950 worth of your merchandise or property.

Without punishment, there is no order. Without order, there is zero respect for people or property.

The fabric that makes a free society work is justice for all. Justice applied fairly guarantees life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

It is time to eliminate the hypocrisy of freedom to steal without punishment.

This brings us to Santa Clara where “legalized” theft has been promoted through compensation awards. Why is $800,000-a-year City Manager Deanna Santana still employed?


  1. CS 3 years ago

    Typical right wing drivel, inflating the issue and blaming the poor. Is the photo here actually of a shelf bare from theft? Or perhaps bare from supply chain issues exacerbated by the pandemic – a demonstration of one of the many ways the market has failed us.

    As this BS is from the publisher of this sad excuse for a news outlet, I’ll be discontinuing any further reading. A shame you’ve lost 10% of your readership with my departure.

  2. HR 3 years ago

    You exaggerate your importance and contribution to objective thinking.
    When were you released?

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