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Milestones – A Case for Cost Containment! – Opinion

Interesting to note the reliability of the universe. The sun comes up and goes down with such regularity scientists can predict its actions to the second. Coupled with the sun is our moon, which also falls into this predictable pattern.

Have planet inhabitants benefitted from this orderly operation of our most known and organized universe? Yes, of course.

Have folks learned how to function fairly following a similar order in that of our known cosmos? Maybe not so much.


One basic quality provided to humanity is the ability to choose. Coupled with this unique gift is the quality ingredient we call common sense, which is first noticeable by its absence.

Santa Clara has been the victim of leadership void of this gift. Absence of this valuable ingredient caused voters to revolt in the last election to restore common sense to the City Council.

The election of Mayor Lisa Gillmor and prior council cronies, and, in turn, the hiring of former City Attorney Brian Doyle and current City Manager Deanna Santana brought changes lacking the basic ingredient of common sense.

After four years of a Council and City run amuck, voters had enough. They elected new council members interested in balance, budget, integrity and competent management.

The carnage of the Gillmor catastrophe has been catastrophic. The termination of attorney Brian Doyle was a long overdue decision in the right direction. The devious, devilish and diabolical actions of Doyle were disgraceful, costing Santa Clara millions.

However, Mayor Gillmor continues to wave her wand of wonder, as the new Council wrestles with her and Santana’s directives versus the best decisions and choices for Santa Clara.

Sitting tough in the saddle of political power, City Manager Santana sides with and supports Mayor Gillmor. Santana has garnered for herself, and her recruited cronies, salary awards so far off the charts they fall into the category of stratospheric.

Santa Clara has one of the highest paid city managers in the United States. Garnering nearly $800,000 a year in salary and benefits, she makes twice what is paid the President of the United States. This excess should raise the blood pressure of every Santa Clara taxpayer. The outrageous pay packages Santana has awarded herself and former associates recruited to Santa Clara are shameful and corrupt. The red light on the pressure gauge of propriety is prepared to implode.

Greed and entitlement have overruled the magical ingredient of common sense. Santana’s salaries are off the charts, out of bounds and add enormous liability to an already grossly underfunded pension deficit for Santa Clara taxpayers. When added to this year’s projected $30 million budget shortfall, these salary awards are absent integrity, honesty and basic management aptitude.

Deanna Santana has violated the basic rule of “do no harm.” She has put herself and her recruits first in line at the salad bar of public benefits at taxpayer expense.

It is time for Deanna Santana to leave Santa Clara. As certain as the sun will rise and set, her departure would begin to signal to taxpayers cost containments and a return to the universal rule of common sense.


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