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Milestones – Once Upon a Time… – Opinion

Now that the Big Game has been decided, absent the 49ers, we can get back to work on other issues of our times. Congratulations to the entire team and management on an impressive season and taking it to the league championship.

As we direct your attention from football to the absence of a critical component missing from our culture, it is with a similar feeling of losing an important game.

Only in this case, the missing item is not the game ball. It is the component which makes the game of life work, keeps our society ticking and creates productive results. Simply…where has our common sense gone?


Who in the world thought America could continue to be the beacon of industry, innovation and invention without common sense? What idiots would choose the irrational logic that crime is permissible and endorsed by the absence of punishment?

Any thinking person can figure it out. You cannot have order without law because law becomes worthless if there is no punishment.

Every game has rules. When these rules are broken, there is always a penalty.

Imagine, if there were no rules, no boundaries, no restrictions. The result is simply chaos. Everyone is on their own; they make their own rules and order is traded for anarchy and madness.

It’s time our leaders blew the referee whistle and restored sanity. Enough of the theft, shootings, killings, muggings and shrugging it off like it’s just the way things are now.

No, it’s not the way it is now. It’s the way you have allowed it to become now.

Where are the legislators who have taken the oath to protect and preserve our laws, rules and our constitution? To take that oath and ignore the core of democracy is hypocrisy at its zenith.

What are our legislators and lawmakers doing to restore order, enforce the law and honor the civil rights of our society? Order is first noticed by its absence and it is blatantly missing.

Failure to restore sanity and common sense is your middle finger to every voter who voted for you. Condoning chaos and calamity are not the reasons you were elected.

Crime without punishment is a fairy tale horror story. Opening the jails, permitting criminals to run and rule the streets, failing to take disciplined action is an endorsement for continued crime and civil disobedience. This is not sanity!

It does not matter what party you represent. If you do not represent the common sense of law enforcement, civil order, laws that provide, protect and serve our society, what are you doing in office?

To ignore the obvious makes you a contributor to chaos as opposed to a supporter of an orderly society.

Remember, elections are coming.


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