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Milestones – Highs and Lows in Santa Clara! – Opinion

If you haven’t heard, read, or watched the feats of the fabulous 49ers, you have been on a different planet. Their victory Saturday night over perennial rival Green Bay in zero-degree weather didn’t stop the red-hot 49er defense.

This 49er team has reflected the spirit and dedication, will, sacrifice, and tenacity of the champions they are. They now have reached the semi-final round in the league championship and play for the title this coming weekend against the L.A. Rams. The winner goes to the Super Bowl.

Green Bay, with a population of a little more than 100,000, is smaller than Santa Clara. If Green Bay had won, every resident in of that town would have been on the streets in celebration.


Since Santa Clara is represented by Mayor Lisa Gillmor, who has been in a feud with the 49ers for years, don’t expect any public accolades or activities for the 49ers — now, or over the next few weeks.

It is sad that this one-woman war has wallowed in the weeds of worthlessness. Gillmor’s gripes are petty, and her attacks have proved meritless and frankly, boring. Her sad sack blogger bashes the 49ers like they were Nazi storm troopers attempting annihilation of Santa Clara. His and Gillmor’s attacks continue their childish attempt to portray council members as representatives of the 49ers are not only petty but also preposterous.

Mayor Gillmor should save her silly sneers, smirks and snubbery and do what she promised in taking care of Santa Clara. Instead, she hired a retired civil service attorney, whose bad legal decisions cost the City millions. She hired City Manager Deanna Santana, who has widened her wallet at taxpayer expense. Santana’s compensation (now closing in on $800,000) is outrageous and a blight on Santa Clara.

Santana made front-page news in the Mercury last week, printing what The Weekly has been reporting for years. She is now demanding her 5 percent raise since her contract is tied to bargaining Unit 9, which got a raise.

She seems to forget her promises when it comes to some of the other bargaining units. One of those represents 150 city employees who did not get a raise last year. They were told at the time they would get a raise this year. Guess what? Santana has now told them they will not get a raise this year either.

It is obvious Santa Clara has a “me first,” selfish, 21st century Simon Legree, city manager. What an excessive, outrageous demonstration of hypocrisy.

The 49ers have set an example of energy, ingenuity and integrity.

On the other hand, Gillmor’s picks have been a disaster. You have to ask: how much longer can the City of Santa Clara afford to linger in the loser’s column?

Why is Santana still employed?


  1. Thomas 2 years ago

    Only a person of privilege would toss terms so sloppy like Nazi and Simon Legree, a brutal slave dealer. Using the term to call an indigenous woman whose ancestors experienced cruel atrocities from people that look like you shows how detached you are from terms. I guess your privilege does not require you to know how disgusting your comparison is to people, like the City Manager, who no doubt has family/ancestors with a history of being enslaved. Oh, the joy of your privilege from your ivory tower that you freely use insulting terms in your Milestones. So much for your Tribute to MLK.

  2. Claire 2 years ago

    We get it, you don’t like the City Manager and you don’t like her salary: we get that you don’t even like the management staff. But, you should not be comparing Deanna Santana to a cruel slave owner. Slave Owners showed the the world of the enormity of human horror and barbarity. Comparing a City Manager, who happens to do good work for our region, to a slave owner, shows how off your rocker you really are.

  3. Jimmy 2 years ago

    49’ers spent $3M in the last local Santa Clara election to get their own Council members elected. How much have you been paid by 49’ers to push for their agenda, Miles?

  4. Kirk Vartan 2 years ago

    You are disgusting Miles and you embarrass us all. Using this at your personal piggy bank. How much are the 49ers paying for this attack? How many ads are they getting? Pathetic.

  5. CSC 2 years ago

    The Simon Legree bit was completely uncalled for.

    This year, residents in Santa Clara have a great opportunity to finish up the transformation of the City Council by voting to replace Lisa Gillmor as Mayor and wipe her clean off of the Council. The Silicon Valley Voice has only ten months to make resident voices heard in a case to not only replace Gillmor, but also eliminate a lot of the bad policies that have brought shame upon the city. There’s plenty of legitimate matters to report on that will help to eject both Gillmor and Santana, don’t (SV Voice) bring yourself down to a level where the masses will stop reading this community paper.

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