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Milestones – The Odds Are Pretty Slim! – Opinion

At first look you might think with 32 teams in the NFL, the odds would be 31-1 you could pick the winning team. Not the case. When you consider little things like fumbles, injuries, interceptions, great plays and big mistakes, the variables are endless.

You might remember it was only two years ago and the SF 49ers not only made it to the Super Bowl, but they were also actually leading 20 to 10 at the start of the fourth quarter. They lost due to the Kansas City defense and magical performance of quarterback Patrick Mahomes. He directed the Chiefs to an incredible 21-point fourth quarter, winning 31 to 20.

Just making it to the playoffs is difficult. Taking a team to the Super Bowl is an incredible feat. As great as the 49ers have been over the decades, they have made it to the Big Game only seven times.


Win or lose, if your team makes it through the season, the playoffs and the final surge to the Super Bowl, your city should dance with delight.

That is unless your city’s mayor is Lisa Gillmor. What acknowledgment did Gillmor have prepared for the fabulous feat of the 49ers in 2020?




No acknowledgment, no Council awards, no public parade, no thanks!

Gillmor has been in a personal battle with the 49ers for years and the story has become so tainted with spurious rhetoric, there is zero credibility in her anger, her accusations, her audits or audacious arguments.

And Gillmor is planning to be Mayor another four years? She really thinks that no one in Santa Clara can beat her and her recently aligned, hand-picked candidates?

Residents have demonstrated they are tired of the Gillmor guillotine. The loss of experienced, capable personnel, the bypassing of current staff, the millions wasted by her hand-picked attorney, the dictatorial rule of her chosen and overpriced city manager, added to her devious and costly executive decisions don’t add up to a glowing resume. Totaling up the score of failures and the costs of these actions, does Gillmor believe she deserves another four years?

It appears her odds are about the same as winning the Super Bowl.

Go 49ers and for the sake of Santa Clara, you might also say…go Gillmor…please go!


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  1. Edward Strine 3 years ago

    One variable that is a big game changer. The Cheating Refs. Bosa and Dee Ford did get held numerous times. During our last Superbowl appearance. With no penalties being called by the Refs. We all know about the Dominion Voting Machines. Cheating will happen in our Voting System and Cheating will happen in Football. Cheating is a very important Variable to consider.

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