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Milestones: On the Map!

What could be better than seeing 70,200 fans pack Levi’s Stadium to watch the SF 49ers totally sack Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers?

Little comes to mind.

Sunday Night Football, on prime time, with two of the top teams in the NFL brought a lot of viewers. About 22 million TV fans watched in amazement as the 49ers totally defrocked Green Bay. This thumping turned out to be one of the worst performances by Green Bay’s star quarterback Rodgers in his entire career. It also was solid evidence the 49ers (10-1) are for real.


This is one reason Santa Clara voted to build our stadium!

It is interesting to note the absence of political divisiveness during this event. One must wonder how a City Council majority could harbor such ill will towards a league leading team like the 49ers.

Yet, our Mayor and her Council cronies continue to manufacture malfeasant acts purportedly produced by the 49ers.

The Council enforced the 10 p.m. curfew on weeknights at the stadium. This shut down promoters wishing to book huge attractions on weeknights, even for only three or four nights a year.

This act by the Council majority has cost Santa Clara $MILLIONS. In fact, $5 to $6 MILLION a year!

Then, this Council turns around and blames the 49ers Management Company for not producing revenue for the City. Really? The Council voted to terminate the 49ers Management Company and made a public announcement pointing to the 49ers’ failure to produce revenue for the City.

The Council also used such lame excuses as the 49ers employed a subcontractor who didn’t pay “prevailing wages.” When the 49ers discovered that issue, they immediately paid the subcontractor $85,000 and resolved it.

When the City discovered they themselves had not paid Santa Clara firefighters correctly and owed over $1.7 million dollars, they sat on it for years. Is this a case of hyper hypocrisy?

This hypocrisy may work short term, but residents are getting wise to the pretenses and this Council’s double standards.

You can’t eat your cake and expect it to still be there.

Building the stadium was one of the mammoth accomplishments for the benefit of Santa Clara. How, when or where could we reach 22 million people at one time to highlight such a great City?

It is tragic the 49ers have been forced to sue Santa Clara seven times just to make this Council keep their contractual promises.

Thank you, 49ers, for putting Santa Clara on the map. You are winning at football and your integrity will win against this City Council’s hypocrisy.


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