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Milestones: Winning is everything!

What’s the most exciting activity in Santa Clara?

Watching the San Francisco 49ers!

It’s certainly not having to endure our city politics.


The 49ers have catapulted to the top of the NFL with a 9-1 record and have captured the attention of national TV. Their next game scheduled for Sunday at 1 p.m. against the Green Bay Packers, has been moved to primetime Sunday night at 5 p.m.

This is the kind of attention former Mayor, and now Vice Mayor, Pat Mahan had in mind when she met with Roger Goodell, head of the NFL about building a stadium here. That was 10 years ago.

Mahan met with Goodell at Great America and took him to the top of the Drop Tower to see the proposed stadium site. He was so impressed with the location, parking, wide streets, and proximity to our freeways he said. “I’ve never seen a better site.”

And that was the beginning of a winning streak for Santa Clara.

In 2010, voters passed Measure J and launched one of the greatest projects in Santa Clara history. And the vote was not a squeaker like some of our games. It was passed with an almost 60% majority!

Our world class stadium was built on time, within budget and the billion-dollar debt has already been reduced by half.

Now, if you are thinking about attending the game, good luck. Like most games this season, it is sold out! A few tickets may be available on the secondary market with prices as high as stadium box seats.

This is the kind of season we have been waiting for, wishing for and wanting for years.

Sunday night’s game launches the beginning of the toughest to be played schedule in football. Most likely if the 49ers continue their streak, ratings will soar, and Santa Clara will receive marketing exposure worth millions for our City.

This is the reason we built our stadium and the 49ers are making good on their commitment to build a solid football team.

When the 49ers win, our City wins.

It would be a wonderful thing if our current City Mayor and Council had a similar vision.


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