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Milestones: Myth and magic…a hoax!

Folks, we have a problem and it’s not in Houston.

City Manager Deanna Santana has taken upon herself the responsibility of rewriting Santa Clara history.

Not as it happened, but as she perceives it should have happened, might have happened, could have happened but…didn’t happen.


Our reporter, David Alexander, covers City Council meetings and reports, with clarity, the actions and activities of our City Council.

Since most citizens don’t have four hours to sit in front of their computers to watch these meetings, they read Alexander’s recap in The Weekly and, occasionally, this column.

Now, this column is an opinion piece.

Alexander’s work is factual, and he often uses the exact quotes from Council presenters.

Yet, Santana has taken to becoming her own columnist, rewriting the facts in her own words. She creates facts not in evidence, or worse, didn’t happen. She is rather clever in her verbose writings, describing actions as she perceives how they happened or what should have been said.

In our business, we call this fake news.

Santana describes my opinions as errant, misinterpreted, non-factual and discrediting.

Like I really have time to make up these issues?

So, how do you know what is the truth?

The answer is simple. Review the Council videos. A good place to start is with March 26.

Compare that video with Santana’s “letter to the community” and see if you can find any similarity between what happened at Council and what she wrote.

You will wonder, as we did, are we talking about the same meeting?

Our Weekly reporters have been extremely careful in reporting the facts. Fortunately, we have video to support those facts.

While readers may not always agree with our reporting, we have been meticulous in covering events, Council and community.

It is one thing to report and another thing entirely to embellish.

Rewriting “the facts” does not change the facts. As much as our City Manager may interpret the actions and reports at City Council from her point of view, the facts remain.

Even with Santana’s desire to discredit this paper, The Weekly remains the only legitimate news source in Santa Clara for quality reporting and factual stories.

It just happens that many of the events manufactured by this Council have created problems and issues that are beginning to haunt us.

These events are news. That’s a fact. Not necessarily good news, but it is news.

Our job is to report the news as it is, not as we want it to be or would like it to be.

Santana’s rewriting the news in “letters to the community” doesn’t magically change these facts.

An attempt to do so, is a hoax.

And a hoax is not magic, it is simply a manufactured myth.


  1. GoodShipSantaClara 5 years ago

    To be clear then, this is your opinion? It would be helpful to provide the timestamp cites in the video to make it easier to get through the 4 hours. I can see feelings are high on both sides in any event.

  2. Allen 5 years ago

    It’s really not too bad the chamber you and all your buddies drove finally s*** the bed. That’s where all the real evil took place. Hopefully the indictments come soon.

    It must piss you off that the honest council is kicking your ass on a daily basis.

    Irrelevance sucks, doesn’t it.

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