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Milestones: Integrity vs egos

This week’s reprimand of The Weekly comes from Santa Clara’s Director of Communications, Lenka Wright.

This column was incorrectly corrected again by Ms. Wright, who is as wrong as her boss, City Manager, Deanna Santana.

I would like to report our City Manager was too busy doing City business to write her objections. More likely she was overly embarrassed by being called out on her fabrications.


My recommendation is: this City should take care of City business and leave the reporting of the news to professionals.

The major issue this week was over The Weekly making a public records request for information on the money lost from the Taylor Swift concert.

Supposedly we ripped the lid off Pandora’s box when we made that request.

The Weekly was accused of being the very source of this confidential revelation.

This is hilarious, or it might have been, if it had been factual and we were the ones to have sprung this to the public.

However, Ms. Santana appears to have forgotten she was the one who discussed this item publicly and not once, but TWICE prior to The Weekly’s reporting.

See this letter from the Editorial Board.

Now, we know why Ms. Santana was reprimanded by her superiors for changing documents while she was in Oakland.

What residents really want in their appointed and elected officials is a simple quality called…integrity.

We have witnessed for two and a half years the lack thereof in our City Council and now our City Manager. The old adage of “it takes one to know one” is reflected in our current management and hiring policies.

From people with integrity we expect cooperation, collaboration and working communication.

The absence thereof creates a quagmire of blunders, lack of trust, back room rehearsals and front room falsehoods.

Remember the much-touted community letter from Ms. Santana that emphasizes how Santa Clara pays its bills timely?

This was primarily directed at the million dollars the City owes the 49ers for overbilling on parking. If the City pays its bills so rapidly, why did the 49ers have to file a lawsuit to collect?

Remember the termination of the Chamber of Commerce as the managers of the Convention Center last June? The City still owes the Chamber over $120,000 in past due management fees they still haven’t paid.

Integrity is first noticed by its absence.

This also applies to checks.

That may clear up why we have so many issues at City Hall and why officials wish to alter the truth into fiction.

It is an attempt to pacify, if not inflate, egos by rewriting reality.


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