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Milestones – Loose Law is a Loser! – Opinion

Law, order and justice have been the hallmark of America’s success for more than 200 years. While there have been blips and slips in the application of law over the years, there has never been a time that law has been disregarded…until now.

Some states, including California, have passed laws to cripple the concepts of law, order and justice.

Law and order, once the hallmark of a sane society, has cleverly been shredded by our own doing.


In 2014, California voters were cleverly duped by AB 44, the “Safe Schools and Neighborhoods Act.” This is the one that slyly inserted language increasing the meaning of theft from zero to $950.

This was not an accident. It was a sneaky way for the left-leaning liberals of the law to illuminate sanity.

Now, criminals are legally emboldened; shoplifting at will and taking from anyone any item that’s not locked down.

This has made the job of District Attorneys like Santa Clara County’s Jeff Rosen so much easier. Rosen is a strong supporter of AB 44 since it reduces staff time for hearings, appeals, incarceration and jail time for offenders. The law also minimizes paperwork and decreases the processing time for staff.

The law has also allowed the release of former felons if their incarceration was now made illegal because of the revised law.

Ironically, it has an impact on idiocy when you think about it. The simple idea that law was to be coupled with consequences, acting as a deterrent was effective. It may not be perfect but it was significantly superior to chaos.

The idea of free theft without consequences is in direct conflict with sanity.

Every game we have ever played has rules. Failure to follow the rules is called cheating.

In this case, we have created legal cheating for anyone who is on the lookout for anything of value not locked down.

The complex where I live has over 100 condominiums. We have video cameras throughout the property. There is not a week that goes by that we don’t have bad guys attempting forced entry to take anything not locked down. When video is shown to the police, some of the villains are already known by the investigating officers. If any items taken are valued at less than $950, they don’t even bother investigating.

You and I pay taxes, which include payments to our local police force to maintain law and order. When the law is liberalized as it has been in California, the police have no teeth and residents have no recourse. Clearly, Sacramento delegates have no brains.


  1. Buchser Alum 1 year ago

    Is this going to be a monthly series in which Miles Barber forever types out emotionally charged rhetoric to rail against setting the felony threshold for theft that is less than half of Texas’s? Texas’s threshold for felony theft is $2,500.

  2. James 1 year ago

    I didn’t move to Santa Clara for these racist dog whistles and right wing talking points. Do better.

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