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Milestones – Futbol vs. Football! – Opinion

Perhaps you already have read the headlines. World Cup is coming back to Santa Clara!

Only eleven cities were chosen in the United States to host America’s share of the 2026 World Cup. Hats off to 49ers owner Jed York and President of the 49ers Al Guido.

These two went the extra mile in hosting the delegation of deciders who made the final choice to use Levi’s Stadium as one of the select sites for World Cup competition.


The majority of Santa Clara’s City Council supported this huge event and supported the idea with enthusiasm. However, there were two exceptions. Mayor Lisa Gillmor and her “yes madam” puppet, Kathy Watanabe. Both openly opposed the whole idea of bringing World Cup to Santa Clara.

Now that the decision has been made by FIFA, these two have changed their rhetoric. In a recent interview, Gillmor gushed all over herself touting the importance of World Cup to Santa Clara, citing the sales tax revenue to the City and benefit to Santa Clara hotels and restaurants.

What changed her mind? Oh, that’s right. It’s an election year.

The World Cup happens only once every four years and is one of the most-attended sporting events in the world. The millions generated for local economies is enormous. What an opportunity to create an infusion of cash into local businesses.

The Federation International Football Association was founded in 1904, which was nearly 20 years before American football formed its first professional association in 1920. Most of the world still call it futbol, however, Americans know it as soccer.

Both brands of ball have a common denominator, millions of fans. This is just one reason Santa Clara voted to build Levi’s Stadium. Since the return of common sense to Santa Clara City Council, millions are already scheduled to pour into the City’s budget. Thank you, City Council!

Two avid fans and longtime residents of Santa Clara have left us for that stadium in the sky. Laura Mahan and Larry Fargher recently passed away. Laura was mom to Jeannie and Patty Mahan. Patty served two terms as Mayor and was a major force in bringing football to Santa Clara.

At an earlier time, Larry served as Mayor of Santa Clara and worked with City Manager Don Von Raesfeld, creating the infrastructure on the Northside to make it possible for Great America, the Convention Center, Levi’s Stadium and of course, futbol.


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