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Milestones – It’s All in the Name! – Opinion

The San Francisco 49ers set a super example for funding when they sold the naming rights to Levi’s Stadium in 2014 for $220 million over 10 years.

Santa Clara is sitting on a similar opportunity or two that could generate some much-needed cash to restore fiscal integrity and restoration. In addition, Santa Clara has all the makings of a powerhouse community to attract barrels of greenbacks.

The budget busting bungling of Mayor Lisa Gillmor and her former council majority burned through the budget like a forest fire through timber.


Can you think on one money-making project she or her council ever produced for Santa Clara?

Gillmor’s groupies gobbled up reserves on spurious spending sprees such as the $4 million CRVA legal loss, the closed nights at the stadium, their bogus Measure C proposal that voters turned down, the money wasted on legal appeals and the stratospheric salary of a self-serving, overpaid city manager along with a dozen other miscalculations.

Frankly, Gillmor turned the city money tree upside down allowing funds to flutter and fly everywhere except the bank.

The current council majority has fortunately restored sanity and is setting the course back to solvency. While they have been busy righting the ship, there is still a deficit.

It’s time to begin money-making projects to promote the community and return prosperity to city coffers and residents.

Santa Clara has a mega-million-dollar convention center that needs a sponsor. Naming rights for this facility should be high on the agenda. There are at least a few dozen local companies that qualify. Most obvious is Hyatt, whose hotel adjoins the center.

Funds obtained for naming rights would go a long way in renovating and expanding a tired facility that needs some lipstick and perfume.

In addition, this convention center needs expansion. Maybe Related Companies, who has yet to build a pup tent on the old golf course, would — and should — participate.

Santa Clara also needs a new swim center. Again, naming rights can help fund that along with the sale of the current swim center site at Central Park.

And, while mentioning the park, there must be a local company who would like their name highlighted on this property, for a price of course.

Santa Clara is sitting on opportunity for the asking. “Ask and you shall receive” is an axiom from a very wise man.

Here’s to some great new names for citizen owned City properties.


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