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Milestones: Fact, fiction, fabrication or fallacy?

Publisher Miles Barber talks about the difference between right and wrong and everything in between. Things are different now.

Who is right?

Are the Right, right and the Left, lost? Or, are the Right wrong and the Left leading?

You remember that great quote from Rhett Butler in “Gone with the Wind”?


“Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn!”

That seems to be the montage of the moment.

It is not like we don’t have enough going with COVID-19, work shutdown, business shutdown, then half opening, then shut down again, and the threat of our kids schooling at home.

Who says adults don’t need alcohol?

But then we must hear two or more different sides to the same news story.

You heard about the “accidental” shootings in Chicago and New York. There have been a few this year. How do you, accidentally shoot someone four times?

One news channel barely mentions the violence, another touts the riots and looting. Another promotes peaceful protests. One channel proudly portrays Black Lives Matter, and another likes Blue.

Think this has “something” to do with this year’s election?

Or, you really don’t care as long as you get your chicken nuggets.

With the diversity in news, does it matter who and what you believe?

Of course, there is that wonderful God given gift, sometimes employed, sometimes ignored, called the gift of common sense.

To feel empathy for the oppressed is natural.

To expect acceptable behavior by all is demanded and required for normal society.

Making wrong right defies gravity.

To make murder and mayhem the mainstay of the masses would seem to be idiocy at its zenith.

What seems to be confusing is making wrong, right. Last year, it was unpopular and unacceptable to murder your neighbor.

This year, things are different depending on where you live. What’s “in” has changed and in some places, you can’t dance or dodge fast enough.

This year, murder is in and arrests are out.

Also, remember…theft is in and criminals are out.

It appears to me there are universal laws as dependable as the earth turning.

When what is outlawed becomes the law of the land, we all are held captive by outlaws and the lawless.

Personally, I can enjoy my day more when my car is still where I parked it, undamaged and not stripped.

If that is old fashioned thinking…please…let’s bring it back.


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