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Milestones – “Excess Abuse?” – Opinion

The current wave of lawlessness is changing our country and not necessarily for the better. It’s our own fault. We voted for this. Yes, it was cleverly slipped into one of those bills we voted for a few years ago called the Safe Schools and Neighborhoods Act. It sounded good, looked good and yet paved the way for lawlessness in our communities. This was the bill that permitted basically free theft up to $950.

Adding to this calamity, we elected a crime-loving district attorney in Jeff Rosen who emptied our jails, turning criminals back on the street to continue their nefarious activities. Imagine this: we now have repeated felons roaming our streets because they have intentionally been set free. Many of these lawbreakers are repeat offenders who have been given a “get out of jail free card” by Rosen.

Now there is apparently an exception in Rosen’s application of the law. If it’s a political opponent, they can be targeted. For example, Assistant District Attorney Daniel Chung. Chung exercised his First Amendment rights to disagree with Rosen, and Rosen demoted him. Chung is currently suing Rosen.


In the case of Anthony Becker, council member in Santa Clara, Rosen wants to put him in jail Why? Well, Becker ran for Santa Clara’s mayor against Rosen’s political ally, Lisa Gillmor. Gillmor won in a very close race by only 700 votes out of the more than 30,000 cast.

You may already know the story. The Grand Jury presented a report, light on facts and based on speculation and hearsay, attacking the five council members who want a businesslike partnership with the 49ers— with whom we are in a 30-year contract. This report was conveniently released a few weeks prior to the election. The report was released privately to the Santa Clara council, yet the media obtained copies “somehow.”

Both The Weekly and SF Chronicle had lengthy stories about the report shortly after its release to the Council. It was also a feature in San Jose Spotlight and the Mercury, which both had their own copies of the report.

Who leaked the report? Maybe a more valid question would be, “Who didn’t leak the report?”

Council Member Becker has been accused of leaking the report. When he was asked by the Grand Jury if he “leaked” the report he reportedly said “no.”

Aha! According to Rosen, Becker lied to the Grand Jury and Rosen wants to put him in jail for four years. Hmmm…free the felons but jail council member Becker?

It seems Rosen has used more resources to get Becker than the worst criminals in the county. Rosen sent teams to ransack Becker’s home and car — not once, but twice.

While the public deserves protection from criminals in our society, they also deserve protection from abuse of power by those elected.


  1. John Haggerty 1 year ago

    Well said. The accused in a criminal case does have the right to file a motion to dismiss the charges against him on the grounds of discriminatory prosecution. With such motions the Court often allows the accused to first conduct some discovery as to the DA’s motives before the Court decides the motion. Such a motion in this case might shed some light on what is happening here so that the public can finally know why their duly elected public representatives are being treated in these very strange and shadowy ways.

  2. Ben Z. 1 year ago

    I don’t understand how anyone voted for Jeff Rosen. He doesn’t care at all about crime victims.

    I have been begging him to protect my kids. They are being sexually abused. Instead of doing anything to protect my kids, HE FILED CHARGES AGAINST ME. I didn’t even commit a crime. The whole goal was to protect his sex trafficking attorney friends by getting the matter to competency proceedings.

    When I resisted demands to cooperate made by the private attorney, I was repeatedly assaulted. Mr. Rosen could have cared less. He didn’t stop the proceedings or the assaults. Now all of my organs are damaged, testicles atrophied and the shape of my face has changed. You can see what it did to me here:

    I am not the only one that this has happened to. Another man discovered that someone was sexually abusing his toddler. He was also poisoned by an attorney and prosecuted by Jeff Rosen. see

    I posted more info here:

  3. Ben Z. 1 year ago

    Jeff Rosen has retaliated against other people who have complained about the sex trafficker. The same sex trafficker stole $10,000,000 from another person.

    When the man tried to recoup his money, Mr. Rosen filed charges against him. It was alleged that he raped a woman with a golf club. He was jailed for 8 days and had to wear an ankle monitor for three years.

    After spending more than 3 million dollars defending himself, the man was found factually innocent.

    Now the man is suing the sex trafficker (Valerie Houghton)

    Clyde Berg, et al. v. Metaview Wholesale Investments, LP | Legal News

  4. Ben Z. 1 year ago

    Deputy District Attorney Daniel Chung was at one point on my case. I gave him all the information about the assaults and what was happening to my kids. Because he seemed like an honorable man, I asked him for help.

    A few weeks later, it was announced that he had been fired and escorted out of the DA’s Office by three armed investigators. A BOLO was issued and he was banned from setting foot on county property.
    A deputy district attorney in Santa Clara County claims his office retaliated against him by issuing “unprecedented” security notices after being placed on indefinite leave. San José Spotlight on Thursday published an op-ed by Daniel Chung, a deputy DA who said the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office put him on paid administrative leave after he…

    Mr. Chung ended up running for District Attorney this year. During one of the debates, I asked the candidates how they would address sex trafficking that results from abuse of the legal system.

    I believe that he answered the question truthfully in an indirect fashion. He mentioned conflicts of interest and judges acting egregiously.

    Then it was the DA’s turn. The first thing that he said was that Mr. Chung was “demonstrating why he was fired.” You can see the question and answer in this short clip.

    sex trafficking debate question

  5. Ben Z. 1 year ago

    Two Mr. Rosen’s most basic tasks are to stop people from assaulting/ killing others and protect children from being raped.

    Instead he ransacks Mr. Becker’s home TWICE. How many times do you think that he sent someone to check on my kids? ZERO

    The taxpayer is the one paying to conceal the sexual abuse of my children. We are also on the hook for paying a bigshot attorney to stop the reinstatement of deputy da who only wanted to protect kids.

    Please sign my petition to help protect my kids:

  6. Ben Z. 1 year ago

    Look how the sex trafficker laughs about forcing my 13 year old boy to be raped by man.

  7. Ben Z. 1 year ago

    Certain violent criminals know that they can get away with any crime that they want. You never know who it is that is going to be prosecuted. Will it be the victim? Or will it be the perpetrator? Why would anyone report a crime? . In the end, Mr. Rosen makes the county walk on eggshells. Laws and basic morality have become arbitrary. Criminals are supposed to not to be allowed to to harm others, while crime victims need to feel safe in making reports to the DA’s Office.

  8. Ben Z. 1 year ago

    It wasn’t enough that Jeff Rosen let a violent criminal to strip out my health. Now I have a warrant for my arrest for not wanting to participate in illegitimate proceedings that are only meant to cover up the sexual abuse of my kids.

    I have already spent 5 days in jail for refusing to undergo a psychological evaluation.

    If you want to know what a person will do to you, all you need to do is pay attention to how they treat others.

  9. Ben Z. 1 year ago

    I have submitted a complaint to the Civil Grand Jury. All the information on my preceding posts were included. I asked that they prioritize my complaint because the assaults against me have escalated in recent days. I hope that they will care enough about me and my kids as they do about leaked reports.

  10. Ben Z. 1 year ago

    I can’t stress enough that EVERY taxpayer is funding the concealment of the sexual abuse of my kids. When I refused to undergo an evaluation, DDA Joseph Eisenberg and the Public Defender that I was forced to have told a psychologist that I was crazy to tell Mr. Rosen that my kids were being sexually abused. Then a report was submitted to the record indicating that I was mentally incompetent. I never even met with a psychologist and the report was written without the use of an assessment.

  11. Ben Z. 1 year ago

    There is no way that Mr. Rosen would let that happen to his own kids. Me and my kids are nothing but disposable trash to him.

  12. Ben Z. 1 year ago

    Mr. Rosen loves making people suffer, including children. Who he puts in jail is of no consequence to him. We have elected a complete sadist. How else can one explain all of this?

  13. Ben Z. 1 year ago

    I also made a complaint against Judge James Towery. He had a conflict of interest with Attorney Valerie Houghton and helped with the sex trafficking of my kids. Here are two of the responses that I received from my postings on his Robing Room webpage. and

  14. Ben Z. 1 year ago

    We are turning the clock back to feudal times in our county. The political elite act like our children are theirs to pimp out. When you voice a natural instinct to protect them, they throw a fit. How dare you question their “authority” to sell your kids for sex? You “deserved” to go to jail and have your health taken!

  15. Ben Z. 1 year ago

    Mr. Rosen only focuses and power and wealth. He doesn’t care what certain people do to our community. How many Cosby’s, Sandusky’s and Epstein’s do we have walking around unabated? Besides my kids, I have found several other parents who have been subjected to the same legal abuse after reporting that their children were being molested. With that sample size, you have to assume that there is a large number of pedophiles out there who Mr. Rosen exempts from prosecution. We are turning into the County of Sodom and Gomorrah.

  16. Ben Z. 1 year ago

    Just watch this video from 3 days ago. Mr. Rosen is asking what the DA’s Office could have done different to stop a senseless crime of of three people getting murdered. His answer was “NOTHING.” He takes zero accountability for the criminality that is perpetrated in our community. Rosen had the preparator of this specific crime in custody just 6 months ago. It’s the same with me and my kids. He knows EXACTLY what is happening. Instead of taking an action within his authority, he just looks the other way.

  17. Ben Z. 1 year ago

    Public Letter (emailed to on 6/12/2023)

    Dear Mr. Rosen, I have provided with you a copious amount of information regarding the sexual abuse of my children and the physical assaults against me levied by Valerie Houghton. You just keep ignoring me. I call on you to protect me and my kids. Sincerely, Ben Z.

  18. Ben Z 1 year ago

    Screenshot of the above post and URL emailed to Jeff Rosen

  19. Buchser Alum 1 year ago

    This page is an amazing testament to the quality of the conspiratorial theories that different people are aiming at Rosen.

    • Buchser 2 1 year ago

      Buchser Alum-hole,
      This comment from you, by you and for you is an amazing testament to the quality and quantity of comments coming from both sides of the mouth of Buchser Alum-hole.

  20. Ben Z. 1 year ago

    Mr. Rosen is an incompetent District Attorney. He is best suited to be a criminal defense or a divorce attorney. I don’t understand how he has been able to fool our community for so long into thinking that his priority is public safety.

  21. Ben Z. 1 year ago

    An arbitrator has already ruled that Mr. Rosen unjustly fired Mr. Chung. Why is he fighting it? Is he mad about Mr. Chung trying to protect me and my kids? Is he hurt about what Mr. Chung said during the election? Is he worried that Mr. Chung will run against him again? Why is he using taxpayer money to pay a private attorney to fight the reinstatement? Why is he using taxpayer money to pay Mr. Chung to stay home? Shouldn’t all this money be coming out of Mr. Rosen’s own pocket?

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