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Milestones: Champions!

Congratulations Jed York, John York, Al Guido, and to our NFL league Champions, the SF 49ers!

Classy, competitive, consistent and now NFC Champions on their way to the Super Bowl.

Perhaps the most impressive performance in recent memory as the 49ers powerfully punched out the Green Bay Packers, 37 to 20.


Tens of thousands packed Levi’s Stadium Sunday night to witness the world-famous 49ers wreak havoc on Aaron Rodgers and his Packers.

In addition, more than 20 million fans watched the game on TV, once again bringing the spotlight to Santa Clara.

Where is the community celebration? Where is the acknowledgement and recognition for the 49ers? Oh…that’s right, the City Council has spent their time, energy and focus on trying to impeach the 49ers Management Company.

Can’t have a celebration right after you vote to fire them.

There appears to be a contradiction here. Council Member Kathy Watanabe, who voted to terminate 49ers management at Levi’s Stadium, sits in season-ticket-holder club seats. She has been present for all the playoff games.

However, in keeping with her Council Member’s anti-49er position (and anti-patriotic?) on stadium noise, she complained to Santa Clara PD, ManCo and City staff that the military pilots should coast their jets over the stadium just before kick-off to keep the noise down.

How did that work out?

Trying to quiet down 70,000 cheering fans was even more difficult, it was a play out of her hands. The fans were as unstoppable as the 49ers.

Were fans supposed to clap with gloves on?

It is unfortunate that petty politics has become the predominate policy for Mayor Gillmor and her three council teammates.

During a time of success, one which football fans have waited decades to relive, Santa Clara current City leaders have no public plans to honor the fabulous 49ers.

The military would call this indiscrete neglect, dereliction of duty.

Maybe Santa Clara residents need to follow the 49ers lead and bring new players, new coaches and a new vision to their City.

Certainly, the play calling and performance could not get worse.

Santa Clara used to be the Super Bowl of cities, and the center for great streets, private power, company innovation, city collaboration and collective creativity.

Don’t you wonder how much better off Santa Clara would be by treating the 49ers as partners as opposed to parasites?

Remember, the 49ers have a 40-year contract for use of the stadium. Mayor Gillmor can be reelected in 2022 for a final four years.

It might be asking residents for excessive patience rather than waiting until 2026 to realize reconciliation and restoration.


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