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Milestones: Adjusting!

Of course, it’s inconvenient!

You have never been through a pandemic before.

There was 9/11, which was brutal and devasting. But, look now. The towers have been replaced. Modern skyscrapers have grown from the ashes and once again portray the pride of America.


Then we experienced the economic meltdown of the Great Recession, which wiped out nearly 10% of the homeowners throughout America.

But, look. Together we recovered, bounced back, shot up and built the world’s strongest economy.

Until February 2015, we couldn’t build housing fast enough. Or obtained enough workers. Check the stats. 97% of our workforce were employed and reaping the enjoyments that we have long dreamed about.

In a period of six weeks our economy has experienced the sharpest decline since the Great Depression. The stock market was pummeled as it fell like a boulder form a bridge.

Employees’ 401K’s were shattered in value within a few weeks.

Friends, we call this life. With the good…sometimes there is the ugly.

Out of every disaster, man caused or nature, life continues and has been demonstrated, flourishes. It’s just that once in a while the Universe reminds us to be appreciative.

From events demolishing dreams comes determination. This has been the historic story of mankind and America.

Santa Clara business activity has been riddled., along with the country. Yet, in the middle of a pandemic, shut down, quarantine, disruption and disappointment there are miracle workers popping up.

Not forgetting our aging population and handicapped, thoughtful and caring individuals find a way to create comfort and support.

One of these individuals is Harbir Bhatia from Rivermark, who has created the South Bay Community Pantry.

Putting together a team of helpers, Bhatia has created a network of volunteers to donate and/or provide food and services to the elderly in the community.

Her focus is on the elderly because many are in the danger zone and more susceptible to the coronavirus, not able to drive, and in the most need.

Interesting that some folks like Bhatia think outward as to how they can help, while others hunker down and complain.

Bhatia’s idea, work and outreach coalition has been endorsed by the County of Santa Clara. If you wish to participate and would like to assist during these challenging times here is her contact info: (408) 459-9945.

This is a great way to be of value as we jointly deal with the current confinement.


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  1. Harbir Kaur Bhatia 4 years ago

    It’s great to be working with such a group of volunteers that care about the betterment of all in a crisis that everyone wants to run away from!

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