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Milestones: Waiting it out

I wish this whole virus issue was an April fool’s joke and we could go back to doing regular things like having dinner out at one of our great restaurants! However, it now looks like another month or two of self-imprisonment. Can we last?

Going stir crazy was not part of our 2020 plans.

You have to be creative while following the rules. An elbow bump on occasion makes you almost feel human again.


Doing walks around the block makes me question my hygiene habits. People see me coming and cross the street.

Seeing all these folks wearing masks reminds you of Halloween, except there is little originality, they’re all the same.

It’s hard to concentrate on all those projects that had been piling up. Theory says there is now time available to complete them. Getting motivated is delayed by dreamed up detours detaining me long enough that I can reschedule and start tomorrow.

Some folks are actually working from home, parked in front of their computer, attending staff meetings on Zoom, writing reports and waiting for their stimulus check.

Watching TV is the highway to monotony. Even the ads appear to be reruns. The news has few things positive, occasionally throwing in an optimistic outlook, just to keep our moral moving in the middle of this morass.

They remind us that things will get worse before they get better. Really? Try telling us something we don’t know. Yes, there are glimmers of hope and pockets of revival, yet reality lives on. We are here for the duration which may be more time than we care to know.

If you are like me, you have thought about a list of “to do’s.” These are things that have been put off until there was time to do them. What is apparent, there is no good time because they aren’t really something I want to do anyway. So, they remain untouched.

It is of interest that old friends have gotten in touch just to check if I still have a pulse. They can tell this if I reply to their text. It appears that many of us in the gray hair stage of life are playing dodge ball with the grim reaper. If you answer a text you are still in the game.

So, as the world grinds a bit slower today than a month ago, we have been required to change our old habits for revised ones.

Patience being a virtue is a rumor. Our adjustments to daily life produce adjustments, and without patience, everything is just more painful.

Hang in there and I look forward to giving you an elbow bump soon. More optimistically, I long more for the day we can hug!


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