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Milestones: A Different Game

Long overdue, the San Francisco 49ers have cut a new swath of leadership in their march towards the “big game.”

It was three years ago when 49ers Owner Jed York called a press conference to apologize to his fan base and the public for turning in one of the most dismal years in team history (2-14).

“I promise we will get this right,” proclaimed York and his promise then is showing productive results now.


With the addition of John Lynch as General Manager along with the hiring of savvy Head Coach Kyle Shanahan the rebuilding process began.

Glimmers of hope started to emerge just before the 49ers struggled through a boxcar load of injuries, including a year’s loss of their star quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.

The current results are not an accident. Rebuilding for productive results is a strategic plan that takes time, talent, training, execution and, sometimes, luck.

Finding the right players to fill the right spots is not a guessing game like throwing darts. The intense scrutiny and depth of evaluation would rival the attack plans of the Pentagon.

This is where Lynch and Shanahan have excelled. Their combined brain trust has sifted through the options, passed over the obvious, selected position talent to fill the key spots that make a difference.

The difference can be as much or little as a half second.

It is that little extra, the half step, the momentary fake, the extra yard that separates losers and winners.

While it is early in the season, Al Guido, President of the 49ers, must like the trend and what he is witnessing. After the long drought over the past few years, he has got to feel good about the experience being on the winning side of the scoreboard.

The recent trend by the 49ers on the field just might carry over to the ongoing battles with the City of Santa Clara. The Council majority have been at war with the 49ers for several years on numerous issues. The recent vote by the Santa Clara Stadium Authority —  aka City Council — to initiate termination of the 49ers Management Company will wind up in court.

This is not a battle between a billionaire company vs. a put-upon municipality. Most of the issues have been created by the City.

Perhaps the biggest battle is Santa Clara’s unwillingness to honor their contract with the 49ers Management Company to manage stadium non-NFL events for the City.

While the 49ers paid the Stadium Authority $25 million in rent, the City’s argument is that the 49ers Management Company didn’t make any money for the City last year.

When you can’t book huge events because of the 10 p.m. weeknight curfew, it is simple: No events…no money.

And, speaking of no money, sources tell us the City has not paid their shared expenses for their half of last year. They appear to owe the 49ers millions, which the 49ers have advanced.

You would think Santa Clara would waive the curfew a few nights a year to make this partnership earn millions for the City as it did the first few years.

However, the City is on defense now and we know that without the ball, you just can’t score!


  1. Jean 5 years ago

    Common sense says in order to make money you have to have a product to sell. Since Levi’s Stadium if off limits for weeknight profitable events, what does the city expect? I think no more than 3 or 4 weeknight concerts should be ok.I realize it might be a nuisance for the people that live there but what’s best for Santa Clara as a whole? As my dad use to say “money doesn’t grow on trees” But the Santa Clara mayor, attorney, city council and city Manager sure have a lot of growing up to do. It’s city’s job and the 49ers to make this work for the entire city. You were all salesmen to the people about this stadium Mayor Gillmor, Watanabe, Mahan and Davis. Now make it work.

  2. John Smith 5 years ago

    Joan is right, you can’t complain of the stadium not making money when you don’t book dates Mon-Fri. The Mayor and City Council don’t want to make money on the stadium. However the Council lets the City Manager hires 5 Assistant City Managers at 200,000 each. Let’s take Miss Santana hire of the new HR Director. She was given a 100,000 raise to take the HR job in Santa Clara. I now understand that she is going to retire after only one year on the job. Hmm funny her Calpers retirement will be based on her highest salary, so I guess she owes her friend Miss Santana a big thanks. The public should demand that the city council review all of Miss Santana hires? What will they find?? All hires are her old friends given them 100,000 raises and the new Fire Chief is a relative of hers. Did she tell anyone about that?? I wonder if CALPERs should review any of these hires??

  3. Jolene Noland 4 years ago

    There is really no reason for performers to travel to Levi Stadium when there is shiny new indoor Chase Center 50 miles north of here. So I believe concerts, concert curfews, etc. will soon be a moot point. If you were a performer, where would you want to perform? The existence of Chase Center will likely mean a loss of revenue not only for the stadium, but VTA, dining venues inside or outside the stadium footprint, and ultimately a loss of jobs. It’s too bad those of us (many here before Urban Renewal and other such nonsense, to put it politely) who were anti-stadium from day 1 were treated almost like traitors during the big rah-rah push to get the stadium. We tried and failed to get a Major League Baseball team here years ago (and some may still have baseball caps promoting that.) That should have taught the lesson. Apparently not.

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