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Milestones – 49ers Take Command! – Opinion

Playing like it was “do or die,” the San Francisco 49ers made it eight wins in a row, rolling over the Washington Commanders 37 to 20.

This was a real Christmas present for club owner Jed York and 49ers President Al Guido.

Once again relying on their third-string, backup to their backup quarterback, Brock Purdy, the 49ers played with precision.


It was not that long ago the idea of an NFL team playing live in Santa Clara was only a passing thought. With a huge thank you to Santa Clara’s former mayor Pat Mahan, bringing the 49ers to Santa Clara was and is a dream brought to reality.

If you haven’t experienced a live performance at the stadium like a 49ers must-win game or a headliner attraction that packs in fans, you are missing a monumental opportunity.

Santa Clara residents should be proud, pleased and pacified that we are now home to the 49ers and what they bring, offer and share with the Santa Clara community.

In addition, while they will always be the SF 49ers, locals know the 49ers have earned the appreciation of Santa Clara schools, our nonprofits and football fans alike.

Now, with their winning ways, the 49ers are guaranteed a spot in the playoffs. Every win puts them in a to-be-named playoff position on their march toward the Big Game, the Super Bowl.

The 49ers have two regular season games left to play: the Raiders and the Cardinals. Winning both would be terrific and give the 49ers a favorable matchup to start their playoff run.

Who would have thought a few months ago when Trey Lance left the game with an ankle injury that Jimmy Garoppolo could step in and play so well? When Garoppolo got injured, it was “oh no, now we only have a third-stringer who was the very last pick in the draft.”

Surprise, surprise! Third-string quarterback Brock Purdy is simply doing what he has done for years in high school and college: calling plays, handing off the ball, passing accurately and moving the chains and of course…winning.

What would be really cool this new year would be for the city council to prepare an appreciation celebration for the 49ers, regardless of how far they go in the playoffs. This is a big deal and the fact the 49ers have a couple of million fans in the Bay Area isn’t bad either, for our local businesses.

Who knows, maybe some new companies and industries may like to relocate to Santa Clara.

With a warm welcome to the New Year, may it be terrific for you and your family. With that, I wish you a fabulous New Year, and…go 49ers!


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