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Milestones – 49ers Win and are on to the Playoffs! – Opinion

Taking it to the Seattle Birds early, the 49ers won a playoff clincher.

Last draft pick, and now full-time number one quarterback, Brock Purdy passed like the pro he has become, scoring early and never looking back.

The result? Forty Niners win 21 to 13, earning a spot in the NFL playoffs and moving closer to the Big Game.


Purdy’s supporting cast on both offense and defense performed like a Broadway play. Folks, this is teamwork. The 49ers have proved to be winners on and off the field which makes it easy for the Santa Clara community to be supportive, grateful and proud.

This is what teamwork is about and what could be with Santa Clara’s city council by moving egos from the dais to the parking lot.

Mayor Gillmor’s election win returns her to council, but without a supporting cast.

Maybe, just maybe, she should be a little more open minded. Santa Clara has enough issues to keep this council totally absorbed until the next election in 2024. Working in a cooperative spirit would create more touchdowns for the City.

There are 100 ways the City can attack and resolve the budget shortfall and plan for necessary needs like salary adjustments, benefits, pensions and upcoming financial commitments.

The council should collaborate to develop revenue sources that are outside the box and successfully used in other municipalities.

The sale of naming rights could go a long way to improving the visibility and use of the convention center. Planning ahead to update, enlarge the facility, add parking and more exhibit space would be a terrific economic generator for the entire City.

Santa Clara has some of the best hotels in the South Bay. A joint task force working with the hotel consortium could/would generate greater activity, tax revenue and visitor spending.

More evening event attractions at the stadium could and should produce millions to benefit the City, plug the budget shortfall, and once again, provide a surplus. From this surplus more can be done for Santa Clara parks, the entertainment district and a diversity of revenue producing projects.

It all begins with a cooperative city council.

Imagine a council that worked in tandem to improve Santa Clara, create prosperity, generate new revenue sources, balance the budget and even produced a surplus.

With that, I wish each and every reader a very Merry Christmas, a prosperous and Happy New Year and for all members of the Santa Clara community…Go 49ers!


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