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Milestones – 49ers Sink Tampa into the Bay! – Opinion

Playing like Tom Brady when he was on fire, third-string quarterback Brock Purdy played like…well…Brock Purdy.

Defying the odds as a fill-in, Purdy showed up, ready to play like a ripe-old veteran with multiple tricks and talent under that 49ers’ helmet.

Purdy didn’t wait to unload on Tampa Bay going up 7 to zip, on the 49ers’ first possession. Now, don’t look away and miss the onslaught as the 49ers’ defense took apart Tom Brady and Tampa’s offense. The final score pretty much reveals the entire game as the 49ers finish with a 35 to 7 winning performance.


Meanwhile, back at City Hall, swearing-in ceremonies acknowledged more Santa Clara winners as Raj Chahal and Karen Hardy were returned to the city council and Lisa Gillmor was sworn in as Mayor for another four years.

Gillmor narrowly defeated councilman Anthony Becker by a few hundred votes, indicating a very narrow victory yet a very loud point. For Gillmor, this was not a runaway mandate as in her prior race with Becker. This was more of a “Listen up please, a lot of us disagree with you!” message. In fact, more than 49% of Santa Clara voters.

While Mayor Gillmor had her run of the City when she had a supporting cast of council members who endorsed her agenda, this council may not be as cooperative. The only council member left on council who always votes with Gillmor is Kathy Watanabe.

The balance of the council has generally adopted the philosophy of supporting issues that are filled with that magic and marvelous ingredient we call common sense.

While it is easier to win with a talented quarterback, it still takes teamwork and successful members of the team each fulfilling their position.

While it would be more assuring if Santa Clara had a proven leader, this is an issue that will be determined in future council meetings.

Voters have spoken and perhaps, in the closest race for mayor in the City’s history, almost half have indicated they favor more cooperation and agreement.

While this writer is optimistic, the overplayed allegations made by the “hand-picked” grand jury issuing inflated allegations against Santa Clara council members is bunk!

In addition, the trumped-up recall of good council members may backfire and voters could take further actions regarding Gillmor’s meager margin of victory.

With that we say…Go Niners!


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