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Milestones – SF 49ers Raid Las Vegas! – Opinion

In an overtime squeaker, the 49ers gave a new name to “drama.” The Las Vegas Raiders seemed to have a copy of the 49ers’ playbook, as they ran out the clock tied at 34-34. Countering everything the 49ers could muster, the Raiders’ gutsy offense combined with brilliant defense put on a show against San Francisco that no doubt was the game of the month.

Just a thought, if you give some consideration in planning the schedule. No excuses, and just an observation or two about this game. 1) It was set for New Year’s Day. 2) The setting was in the Raiders’ hometown of Las Vegas, the fun capital of the West. 3) The 49ers were expected to win by a wide margin. 4) The 49ers may have celebrated New Year’s Eve…just a little bit. 5) Do you think all the 49ers players were home in bed by midnight and got a good night’s sleep?

Speculation and a biased observation of course. However, if you wanted a serious contender knocked off in a surprise, this would be the place, the time and the game.


Robbie Gould, Mr. Reliable, had a rare field goal miss in the final seconds of regulation that would have won the game for the 49ers. Instead, the game remained tied and moved into overtime.

The bad news? The Raiders won the coin toss giving them the first shot at scoring where a touchdown would win the game. Then the good news? In a fortuitous event for the 49ers, an errant pass by Raiders’ quarterback Jarrett Stidham was picked off by 49ers’ safety Tashaun Gibson giving the 49ers possession.

This time “Old Reliable” Robbie Gould was called on to attempt another field goal. No miss this time and the 49ers win in overtime 37-34 to make it nine wins in a row.

On to the Big Game!!!


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