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Milestones – 49ers Pound the Panthers – Opinion

Not waiting for a special break, the 49ers created a tsunami as they swarmed over the Carolina Panthers Sunday 37 to 15.

While it’s early in the season, first place is an enviable position for which the 49ers have sought in their march to take it all the way. They want that trip to the Super Bowl in Phoenix, and they are now playing like each game is the big one.

This week they take on the Falcons in Atlanta. While anything can happen, the 49ers are favored by a slim 5 points. It’s going to come down to ball control, turnovers, recoveries, pass coverage and completions. Go Niners!


On a related topic, the new era Santa Clara City Council has rebuilt a working relationship with the 49ers management. As you may know, the Council removed the prohibition on late-night performances at the stadium.

This minor change has already injected new enthusiasm for high-profile celebrities. Last week, Levi’s Stadium hosted Elton John and his “Farewell Tour.” Another highlight is the booking of Ed Sheeran for next season which will certainly be a sell-out crowd.

Now, you must know both sides about the criticism of Santa Clara council members who meet with the 49ers. Perhaps not recognized by Mayor Lisa Gillmor, the 49ers are equal partners in Levi’s Stadium with the City of Santa Clara.

Gillmor has not met with or talked to the 49ers in years.

Gillmor even had her old Council eliminate the four stadium performances running until 11 p.m. Each event netted the City about $500,000. The City was doing four or more of these a year before Gillmor’s 2018 embargo. That alone reduced Santa Clara’s revenue by millions a year!

The new council sees business differently. They have, as a priority, a balanced budget. To make this happen, they meet with their major business partner. They discuss possibilities, performances, security, seating, safety, parking, personnel and events.

The Council now works with Santa Clara’s money-making major partner. Doing this in harmony requires meetings.

Santa Clara voters approved the Stadium, which included the 49ers coming to Santa Clara. The absence of discussions and negotiations between Mayor Gillmor and the 49ers has cost Santa Clara voters millions of dollars.

Now, Mayor Gillmor has turned her guns on current council members.

The character of Raj Chahal and the charisma of Karen Hardy are being attacked by Gillmor and her wannabe candidates. Chahal and Hardy are superstars in their work as council members. Chahal and Hardy are the backbones of this Council, have earned another term and deserve your vote.

Council Member Anthony Becker is running for mayor to replace the Lisa Gillmor guillotine. Becker’s leadership on the council is a credit to the City. He applies his common-sense approach to problems, personnel, issues and decisions. Becker brings a breath of fresh air to the council and is a get-it-done, objective and constructive candidate to be the next captain of Santa Clara.

Go council members!

Go Becker!

And go 49ers!


  1. Buchser Alum 2 years ago


    It is very fitting that you would write an op ed that begins and ends with your cheering for the Forty Niners.

    And that this op ed wraps up your cheering for the Forty Niners as a team and as a corporation along with your views on Santa Clara politics.

    It is your publication so I will not object to you editorializing in the op ed section of your own publication. I will however note that a lot of the news articles or sections of them that your publication publishes should also be filed under the opinion section.

    • Davy L 2 years ago

      A very good article. I enjoy it. I am also a 40ers fan. As for “Buchser Alum”, I suggest you simply ignore all his stupid comments.

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