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Enough of the same old status quo! Your vote could be the one vote that redirects the misdirection that has wiggled into our communities and country.

That starts right here where you vote. You need to really look at who and how you are marking your voter’s ballot.

Santa Clara voters can start that shift by voting for Aisha Wahab for the State Senator. Wahab is a no-nonsense, get-it-done, common-sense, practical-minded and solutions-focused candidate. In my book, she is the type of leader that could become governor given her capabilities. Her actions have created success with substance, as she has focused on people, their problems, resolutions with solutions and creating workable implementations.


Wahab is the first Afghan American elected to public office in the US. Without owing political favors, she challenged an ‘old boys’ network and won. Having personally tackled prejudice, poverty and being a woman, she has risen in stature to become a star councilwoman from the East Bay.

Her no-nonsense talents are the qualities we need in Sacramento. Wahab is endorsed by Senator Bob Wieckowski, whose new district now bypasses Santa Clara. In addition, she is supported by State Treasurer Fiona Ma, the California Democratic Party, the California Labor Federation and California Young Democrats, along with scores of notable individuals and groups.

These endorsements alone should tell you about the character and quality that Aisha Wahab brings to this contest.

Wahab’s opponent, Lily Mei, the controversial mayor of Fremont, has raised more than a few red flags.

Personal conduct by Mei and unprofessional actions from past employees have thrown clods of dirt and clouds of doubt on her campaign to become Santa Clara’s state senator. One example hits close to home: the secrecy surrounding the “resignation” of Fremont City Manager Mark Danaj after he was arrested for domestic violence, and before he was arrested for embezzlement from Fremont. Danaj was a San Jose colleague of former Santa Clara City Manager Deanna Santana and was able to retain his ‘classic’ CalPERS pension with a brief interlude in Santa Clara after he was forced out of Manhattan Beach.

Mei appears to be motivated by a desire to climb politically without the substance or leadership to support her candidacy.

On a final note, it was very interesting to read the Mercury News endorsements for Santa Clara candidates. Their editorial board has reviewed the contenders for the city council and supports the candidates this column has promoted in this election.

For mayor, Anthony Becker is better, and Gillmor should go.

In addition, they support returning Raj Chahal and Karen Hardy to the city council.

These candidates are knowledgeable, informed, objective, approachable, and capable to resolve current issues and future challenges in Santa Clara.


  1. Davy L 2 years ago

    Thanks, Miles, for your thoughts.
    Here is a short summary of the Mercury News article (10/16/11):

    “Voters should end (the) Gillmor era in Santa Clara. Santa Clara needs a clean break from the divisive politics of Mayor Lisa Gillmor. … Since becoming mayor in 2016, Gillmor has engaged in “my way or the highway” politics that has divided the city, created a dysfunctional council atmosphere, caused constant staff turnover and led to costly lawsuits that contributed to the $27 million budget deficit.”

    “Voters shouldn’t forget that it was Gillmor who resisted a 2018 court order that Santa Clara switch from an-at-large voting system to a six district elections … This fool-hardy lawsuit cost the city tax-payers … millions in legal fees, funds that could have reduced the city’s current deficit.”

    The Mercury News generally dismissed the Grand Jury report, stating the report was incomplete. Had they completed interviewing all Council Members and the 49ers, they would have learn that settling the 49ers lawsuit was the right course of action and ended the city’s $2 million-a-year legal expenses.

  2. The Dude 2 years ago

    “ For mayor, Anthony Becker is better, and Gillmor should go.

    In addition, they support returning Raj Chahal and Karen Hardy to the city council.”

    Paid for and sponsored by the 49ers….

    • Davy L 2 years ago

      And, of course, you forgot to add that the 49ers also control the editorial staff of the Mercury News, the Silicon Valley Voice, and the Santa Clara Weekly.

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