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Milestones – 49ers Rip the Rams! – Opinion

Publisher Miles Barber says the 49ers' win over the Rams at Levi's Stadium was a win for Santa Clara and the potential for many more on and off the field.

Fantastic! Fabulous! Fortuitous!

A stacked stadium pushing 70,000 fans fueled the fervor and fever of the 49ers as they defrocked the Los Angeles Rams at Levi’s Stadium Monday night.

This was not just another football game. This was the game that could have been a year ago and wasn’t.


Having tasted both victory and defeat last season, it was the Rams who derailed the 49ers, eliminating their opportunity to take home the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

But this is a different year, a new season and a breakout fulfillment of expectations. Both offense and defense showed up together and the 49ers were on their game.

Jimmy Garoppolo brought his arm, found his targets, avoided interceptions and cheered his defense as they made more stops than a motorcycle cop.

This is when 49er football is exciting. Great players, great coaching, great fan support and a great win.

Whether you are a friend, foe, or fan of the 49ers, that old saying “winning is everything” makes you proud, feel good and optimistic.

And speaking of winning, the upcoming elections in a few weeks provide an opportunity for the Santa Clara community to win again.

The major election race in town between Mayor Lisa Gillmor and Council Member Anthony Becker is for the mayor’s chair. Becker is moving upward towards a dead heat. This race once thought to be a Gillmor landslide, has now become the talk of Santa Clara with Becker gaining and Gillmor slipping.

Even hardcore Gillmor supporters are beginning to express doubts. Her record of spurious spending, suspicious alliances and devious deals have taken a toll even on her most ardent supporters.

Gillmor’s six-year feud with the 49ers has long lost its life. Her arguments don’t hold up to scrutiny nor contain the solid seeds of sanity.

The 49ers by law, are partners with Santa Clara. The millions of dollars they have brought to our community, the residents they have hired, the jobs they have created and the international recognition they create are incredible gifts to Santa Clara and every resident.

Working with them, rather than opposing them, offers a fertile and fantastic future…and, why not since they are partners.

Santa Clara has tried the cold shoulder approach. That hasn’t worked. Working with the 49ers as partners offer residents a powerful resource for growth, solvency, pride and success.

It is my opinion that Anthony Becker as Mayor can do the job, work with residents, manage the budget, promote the 49ers and usher in a new era of fiscal integrity and responsibility.


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