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High School Design Class Hosts Fashion Show

High School Design Class Hosts Fashion Show

A giant castle backdrop occupied the stage at the Mission City Center for the Performing Arts at the fifth annual fashion show hosted by Wilcox High School’s “Introduction to Fashion Design & Production” classes on May 16. The theme was “What Dreams Are Made Of,” a nod to Disney and the whimsical creativity behind over 80 pieces of fashion the students designed and modeled for this show.

“The fashion show is important because students can show their family and friends what they’ve accomplished,” says Cathy Rubin, instructor of the Introduction to Fashion Design & Production classes. “Student athletes, actors, musicians, and scholars get their time to shine- for my students, this is their night.”


A model in a black gown and princess tiara kicked off the evening by introducing the pajama segment. Among the sleepwear was a pair of fun Scooby Doo shorts, designed by Estelle Johnson and enthusiastically modeled by Connor Morgan. Following the pajama segment, the students flaunting their tees included Jenna Westwick, who modeled Danielle Medeiros’ shirt with heart prints in bright gumdrop colors.

Next, ladies strutted onto the stage in high heels to showcase their skirts. Among them was Mari Toma, who wore her nifty navy denim skirt with gems studded into star shapes. In the sportswear segment, Denisha Benitez was ready for a tropical vacation in her cream linen romper designed by Brianna Bryan. Lester Valentino strolled down the runway in his snappy red gingham camp shirt worn over a black tuxedo print shirt.

After the audience gushed over the adorable tots in children’s wear, the student designers’ accessories, and a home décor bulletin board, more models glided across the stage to show their daytime and special occasion dresses. Mariah Pettersson was dressed for a summer tea party in a halter dress in hot pink print designed by Alyssa Pettersson. Rachel England balanced elegance with edge in her silk turquoise dress coupled with a studded biker belt. Teresa Sanchez dazzled the crowds in her satin mint green halter dress with a bright metallic sheen.

Trash to Treasure, one of the final segments of the fashion show, allowed student designers to showcase the dresses they made from items most would regard as trash. Selena Magallon modeled “Senessa,” a dress made from coffee filters that she and Vanessa Santos designed.

“We made this dress from coffee filters, cupcake holders, and a white trash bag and held everything together with tape,” says Magallon, a sophomore at Wilcox High School. “Vanessa and I thought of what a bride would like and we sketched the dress to look like this. It was very fun to make this dress.”

“This fashion show was a good experience for me,” says Santos, also a sophomore at Wilcox High School. “It feels good to know the stuff we made got displayed.”

Alums of Rubin’s class had positive sentiments about the designs they saw at the fashion show.

“It’s important to showcase talent,” says Bianey Robles, who has pursued sewing as a hobby.

“This event is a good way to see how real fashion shows work,” says Nancy Guillen, who is studying fashion at West Valley College.

“This show was inspiring,” says Jonathan Huynh, also studying fashion at West Valley College. “Everyone has a sense of fashion. After watching the show, people can have a [further sense] of what fashion is.”


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