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Triton Exhibits Local College Teachers

Triton Exhibits Local College Teachers

Featuring the work of 28 educators, the West Valley and Mission College Art Faculty Exhibition at the Triton Museum of Art showcases the work of some of the region’s most noted artists.

From sculpture to ceramic and acrylic to mixed media, the exhibition has something for everyone. There are traditional pieces, like Chris Cryer of West Valley College’s “Everest,” a photograph on canvas of Mt. Everest; and abstract entries, including Cheryl Coon of Mission College’s “Organism 2,” a steel and zip tie prickly black sculpture hanging from the Triton’s ceiling.


Former Triton Executive Director George Rivera, an instructor at Mission College, is included in the show. His oil on canvas, “I and the Other,” is a thought-provoking painting of Rivera facing a horse, eyes closed, while the horse looks at him. Alone this would be a lovely painting, however, there is an element of death in Rivera’s piece. A skeleton – clavicle through pelvis – stands partially blocked by the horse and extends an apple to Rivera.

Also included is Triton faculty member Kristen Lindseth Rivera with her bronze and mixed media sculpture, “Labyrinth of Time” – a life-like bust of a woman with her hair pulled back. Only, instead of creating a simple bust, Lindseth Rivera added a “labyrinth” of cogs to the subject’s hair.

Triton Exhibits Local College Teachers

In lieu of an artist or show statement, information on each college’s art department is displayed. Mission College’s art faculty “invite[s] all students to participate in and explore the creative process. The faculty ensure[s] that art classes are taught in a supportive environment that combines fundamentals of craftsmanship with creative freedom, and the art faculty provide[s] an atmosphere in which all art students learn to think critically and independently.”

Likewise, West Valley College’s art department has “a commitment to teaching, research, and are participants with creativity with various media…A strong education in the visual arts develops sound problem-solving ability and fosters creativity and innovation.”

The West Valley and Mission College Art Faculty Exhibition runs through Sept. 8 at 1505 Warburton Ave. in Santa Clara. Visit for more information.


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